Non-foaming quaternary algaecide for swimming pools and all uses where foaming is a problem. ALGICIDE NM is used for the following specific applications :
- Controlling algae, bacteria, and fungi in recirculating commercial and industrial cooling water systems.
- Controlling bacteria in industrial air washers.
- Controlling algae in the holding ponds and reservoirs and bacteria and fungi in the holding tanks of industrial fresh water systems.
ALGICIDE NM is used to inhibit the growth of algae in swimming pools.
ALGICIDE NM is completely water soluble and can be used in both acid or alkaline systems, it does not cause foam.
- is more effective than standard quaternary ammonium compounds
- will not cause foaming as do other quaternary ammonium compounds
A highly concentrated quaternary algaecide which helps maintain pools free of unsightly algae and organic growth; non-staining, odorless and tasteless at use dilutions. Kill algaes on roofs
 FIRICIDE 45 - 3480
PREMIUM COOLING TOWER BIOCIDE - SLIMACIDE ALGAECIDE A super concentrated chlorinated/phenolic biocide. - An organic complex for maximum efficiency and broad spectrum activity; may be automatically pumped into the circulating water or added manually; compatible with all of our water treatments. Very effective fungicidal and bactericidal agent, it is used to prevent de spoilage of water cooling tower, water circuits.
 FIDRO BL - 7040
CORROSION CONTROL AND IRON STABILIZATION in potable water lines. - Reduces corrosion in distribution systems, making pipes last longer - Sequesters iron to prevent water discoloration. FIDRO BL treatment is effective on steel, cast iron, copper, brass, and cementilous water distribution lines -
 FIDRO BS 30 -
Is a corrosion inhibitor recommended for use in circulating cooling systems. It is also applicable to grinding coolants and metal cleaning compositions. The residual film left on metals is protective for indoor storage. Provides excellent short term protection for metal moving through a production process - Economical and clean - Easily applied.
 FIDRO CO - 4804
FILMING AMINE CONDENSATE CORROSION CONTROL A filming type corrosion control agent for condensate steam return lines; eliminates rust and acidic corrosion by film formation on metallic surface; protects metal surfaces from corrosion due to oxygen and carbon dioxide. The filming amine forms a chemisorbed monomolecular protective barrier between the metal and the condensate, thus restricting the damaging effect of the dissolved gases. Reduces condensate corrosion - Reduces boiler feedwater iron - Reduces maintenance and replacement costs resulting from grooving, channeling and pitting. Prevents damage from corrosion-caused leakage. Improves heat transfer by reducing corrosion products. Its use is most advantageous when chemical control is too difficult or expensive with a volatile neutralizing inhibitor or where system metals cannot withstand elevated pH.
  FIDRO DNA - 3029
PREVENTIVE & CURATIVE DESCALER - Non acid - An excellent product for chemically cleaning boilers. - The mildly alkaline solution is much safer to handle than acids. - Deposits are almost completely dissolved, which minimizes subsequent manual clean-up, as there no precipitation during rinsing. - Removes copper from high pressure boilers - Very low corrosion rate. - This compound should not be mixed with FIDRO O2. - Perfect for high pressure cleaners
  FIDRO HM - 7025
The presence of FIDRO HM facilitates the passivation of iron, aluminum, cadmium, copper, lead, and zinc by oxygen. FIDRO HM forms an extremely stable complex with calcium.
  FIDRO MO - 7027
CONDENSATE CORROSION CONTROL - PH regulator - A blend of neutralizing amines used for treating steam condensate lines on boilers from costly corrosive effects for carbon dioxide (CO2). It provides excellent protection to after boiler piping and equipment during standby periods, a time when corrosion is most frequently encountered. By reducing corrosion in the return system, the migration of corrosion products to the boiler is minimized.
 FIDRO O2 - 4891
POWDERED OXYGEN SCAVENGER - Designed to control corrosion and pitting due to dissolved oxygen in boiler feedwater systems. Low cost, ease of handling, non scaling characteristics
FIDRO P-ATM - 7067
CORROSION AND SCALE INHIBITOR formulated to prevent water-related corrosion and scale problems. It contains no chromate . Prevents calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate and magnesium silicate scales. Eliminates the need for acid addition in most systems. Compatible at use concentrations with chlorine, non-oxidizing biocides and silt control chemicals. This hydrolytically stable compound controls polyvalent metal ions by the following mechanisms : Stabilization : The ability to inhibit scale precipitation - Sequestration : The ability to complex metal ions, subsequently preventing precipitation - Crystal modification : the ability to distort crystal growth patterns, thereby weakening the scale structure and inhibiting continued growth - Deflocculation : The ability to disperse solids. - FIDRO P-ATM can be used in his acid form or as a salt form.
- Controls iron and removes iron stains
- Controls water hardness
- Improves soil removal and prevents soil redeposition
- Prevents spotting and filming assists in corrosion inhibition
- Disperse existing solids.
Uses : cooling tower systems, evaporative condensers, boilers, water coolers, water pumps and refrigeration condensers.
 FIDRO RN - 7024
"Rust Inhibiting Rinse." After acid-cleaning any steel vessel it is essential that residual acid be neutralized and that the surfaces be passived by applying a suitable solution before returning the equipment to service. FIDRO RN is designed for use in the rinse tank of a stripping operation or after an acid cleaning. Leaves a light protective film to inhibit rusting of steel parts while waiting for repainting -
 FIDRO AC 4000 - 7132
ACRYLIC SCALE INHIBITOR - Promote the suspension of insoluble salts, expecially calcium and magnesium phosphate, in the bulk of the circulating water rather than allowing then to precipitate on surfaces where heat is transfered. Performs as an antiscalant while having the capabilities to disperse silt, mud and biological matter in cooling, boiler, process water treatment systems. Through an action of negative charge reinforcement, particle attraction is reduced resulting in a higher heat transfer efficiency and less deposition on metal surfaces. Superior calcium phosphate inhibition - Effective at low dosages - Effective dispersant - All organic -
ACID FLOCCULENT - A general, all-purpose, mildly acidic, primary flocculent for use in treating waste water and conditioning sludge.When FIDROFLOC is introduced into the water system, it reacts with the natural alkalinity of the water to produce a voluminous flocculent precipitate which coagulates and absorbs the suspended and colloidal matter. In water treatment : solids are removed by coagulation and flocculation, turbidity and color are removed by flocculation. - pH : 2.8-3.8
 FIDEFLOC - 4403
A highly effective DEFLOCCULENT for spray booth water curtains, formulated to minimize foam and give high performance over a wide range of paints. This blend of solvents and other chemicals provides the most effective deflocculent for unusual paint formulation. This product is buffered and has added components to retard rusting and algae growth.

 FIHIB S 13 - 7069 
A special blend to treat heating system using hot water or steam in pasteurizing or sterilizing system. FIHIB S 13 prevent scale formation and corrosion of the wall of the heating apparatus and systems as well as the containers for the goods.
 FIDRO - P 29 - 7129
SWIMMING POOL WATER CONDITIONER - Used in wintering - Designed to keep pools attractive. It reduces scales formation and corrosion, sequester iron and mineral deposits to prevent ugly stains and scum deposits. Contains quat. algaecide.
FIDRO - 4986
persulfate pur
 FIDEODOR - 3104
Odor control treatment and emulsifying agent for sewage and garbage grease. Dissolves and emulsifies grease & slime. Masks objectionable odors. Solvent action prevents resolidification of greases. Highly concentrated for maximum economy. This powerful and efficient agent is designed to liquefy sewage and garbage grease, open leaching beds, clear drain lines, cesspools, grease traps and septic tanks. As well as the solvent activity, this concentrated emulsifier provides a powerful odor masking agent for use in eliminating malodors in garbage dumps, trash cans and bins, dumpsters, landfill sites, and sewage treatment facilities. FIDEODOR is safe on metal but can attak some plastics and rubber when used in full strength. Safe for septic tanks. Fragrance: Aromatic Solvent. Flash point=>65°c (Difficult to ignite).
 FISOLVE 701 R - 3422
ODOR MASKING AGENT - Water soluble - A concentrated citrus scented masking agent that will effectively and thoroughly check foul odors with excellent solvent emulsifying properties. To be used in rendering plants, for industrial waste, garbage disposal areas, kennels, stables, septic tanks and on dead animals. In addition to excellent odor control properties, this product is also designed to liquefy sewage, greases and oil. The product is so versatile that it may be applied by a number of methods and may be used for malodors from industrial, agricultural, and institutional wastes. Flash point = 48°c.

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