"Vegetable based"

* New formulations to answer the current demands. * The vegetable base, answers to the most recent standards of safety. * very slow drying, abolishes any losses by evaporation, and the residual film protects against the oxidation. * very powerful with a power action identical to that of d'limonene, while being less aggressive for plastics and paintings. Power Coefficient 2.15 with regard to 1 for the petroleum and the white spirit * practically odorless. * considered as no flammable with a high flash point (> 100°c), these formulas are so of perfect safety of use :
- 95 % Biodegradable in the ground in 28 days to protect environment.
- Without label of working safety (except FISOLVE 1205 SA who is classified Irritating) - Without label of safety for transport

- Remove the deposits of fats and oil on engines, gears boxes and mechanical parts
- Remove animal fats.
- Clean the road coming material in touch with asphalt (Equipment, chains, trucks, material of tarring)
- Protect the material against the adhesion of the tar
- Remove glues and adhesives
- Clean silkscreens
- Clean paintbrushes, pistols and painters' rollers
- Remove graffitis
- Strip some paints
- Remove the tracks of wax and marker pens
- Wash the most different surfaces
  FISOLVE 1205 ST - 7108
INSOLUBLE IN WATER - Standard - It is the basic product for industrial cleaning with brush, rag, pulverizing or dipping, etc...Flash point : 180°c.
  FISOLVE 1205 R - 7109
RINSABLE with WATER - Can be eliminated by rinsing with the cold or warm water - Cost less by economy of solvent. Flash point : 180°c.
 FISOLVE 1205 D - 7107
DILUTABLE with WATER - A strong content in surfactants gives high activity in any applications. It can be used in full strength, and until very strongly diluted with some water as a detergent cleaner. Flash point : >100°c.
 FISOLVE 1205 SA L - 7110
STRENGTHENED ACTION - RINSABLE with WATER - Presents a very high activity on the difficult spots, gummy, polymers, paints, resins, etc...Flash point : >100°c.
 FISOLVE 1205 SA gel - 7110/1
Similar to FISOLVE 1205 SA L - Gelled formulation to cling on vertical surfaces. Flash point :>100°c.
 FISOLVE 1205 IP - 7111
SPECIAL for INKS and PAINTS - very strong action on polymerized fat . For the cleaning of printing blankets, ink rollers, paintbrushes, pipes, spraying-gun, etc... Flash point : 68°c.
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