PINE OIL SOLVENTS   Pinecone3.gif

 " Biodegradable natural solvents "
FISOLVE 601 is manufactured from natural products of the pine. Contrary to the old products, they do not contain VOC'S (volatile organo compounds) subjected to the legislation on the air pollution.
The use of a vegetable natural solvent makes that FISOLVE 601 is more safer than chlorinated and petroleum solvents which were associated with problems of health because of a certain toxicity.
FISOLVE 601 presents a weak fire hazard because of a reasonable flash point (46°C or 82°c for " HPE ")
FISOLVE 601 destroys greases, it is an extremely effective solvent on the fat content of all nature, mineral, vegetable and animal:greases, motor oils, inks, fresh paints, dirty oil, tar, fat soots, etc.
FISOLVE 601 has a strong odor of pine, which helps to eliminate the bad smells.

FISOLVE 601 is very effective because of an excellent solubility in the majority of the stains greases, cements, fuel, inks, paints, hydraulic fluids, mineral oils, vegetable oils, animal oils, silicones, adhesives, waxes and for carburettors, engines, graffitis, takeoff of labels, to eliminate the tar, stain removal of carpet and clothing of work, etc...
FISOLVE 601 is available in various versions:
FISOLVE 601 ST - 3467
INSOLUBLE IN WATER - The most used - Cleanings without rinsing with rag, brush, pulverizing, or dipping. Flash point : 46°c
FISOLVE 601 HPE - 7131
INSOLUBLE IN WATER - With a high flash point giving a surer use. Flash point : 82°c
FISOLVE 601 SA - 7090
REINFORCED ACTION to make it more effective in the more difficult cases or if an action is asked on some polymers and resins (synthetic paints, adhesives, inks, graffitis, resins, etc). - Partially water soluble - Flash point : 46°c
FISOLVE 601 R - 3488
WATER RINSABLE Can be flushed off by water .The water rinsability allows an important economy of product. Flash point : 46°c.

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