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FISOLVE F       --------The "must' in petroleum solvents--------
SOLVENT PARTS CLEANER - Solvent for Recirculating Parts Washers. Great enhanced activity comparatively to White spirit - This product is a blend of petroleum and synthetic solvents, each performing a specific function and enhancing the effectiveness of the others, Low odor, no noxious fumes, economical, concentrate, dissolves grease, oil, dirt, grime, wax, light carbon, ink and sludge, mold release agents, some adhesives and similar soils are dissolved with minimal soaking and brushing. This solvent compound is specifically formulated for use in recirculating parts washer equipment. This product provides an economical and effective method for cleaning metal parts, electric motors, automatic pinsetters, printed circuits, sewing machines, textile industry machines, printing presses, rollers, blankets, offset type, precision parts, condenser and coil cleaning, generator and starter degreasing, electrical and mechanical equipment, typewriters and other office equipment. Machine shops, garages, factories, industrial repair shops and automobile make-ready facilities will find this product to be an ideal compound.
 FISOLVE F 90-10 - 7101
General purpose economy formulation . Flash Point:25°c
 FISOLVE F 80-20 - 7102
High activity - For hard to remove grime. Flash Point: 26°c
 FISOLVE F 70-30 R - 7103
AN EMULSION TYPE SOLVENT CLEANER FOR REMOVING OILS AND SOLID SOILS FROM METAL PARTS - FISOLVE F 70-30 R is a ready to use emulsion cleaner for removing oil, solid dirt, and buffing compounds from all metals and alloys of these metals including iron, steel, copper, aluminium and zinc prior to phosphating or treating with a alkaline cleaner before electroplating. Treatment of parts with FISOLVE F 70-30 R leaves surfaces clean and free from scum deposits which are often found when other cleaners are used. Must be flushed off with water. Flash Point: 28°c
 FISOLVE 40 GEL - 3508
ENGINE DEGREASER - A thick gelled solvent containing penetrants, emulsifiers and detergents. Clings to vertical surfaces. Excellent for removal of heavy grease type soils, including oil, grease, tar, asphalt, creosote, dirt and grime etc., from engines, heavy moving equipment, parts and many other applications. Can harm paints. May be flushed off with water, or pressure washer with mild detergent. This cleaner should be carefully tested if applied on painted surfaces -- it can strip some air dried paints. Flash point : 48°C.
 FISOLVE 14 - 4492
WATER SOLUBLE DEGREASER - ENGINE & MOTOR DEGREASING - give a gel when diluted vith water in the ratio1:1 to 1:3 - This gel cling on vertical surfaces - A fast, efficient and economical means of removing stubborn grease and sludge deposits from any metal or hard surface with the aid of a hose and water. Use on gas and diesel engines, oil and grease deposits, boat hulls, machinery, fuel oil tank trucks, bilges. For Garages, Auto Related Industries, Appliance Repair Shops, Marinas, Used Car Lots. Flash point : 48°C.

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