d'limonene solvents.    orange.gif

Fisolve 701 possesses all the power asked to clean the very dirtied surfaces.
Mechanical parts - Thermic engines - Machines - Tools -Trucks cleaning - Uncork channeling and drains - Eliminate printing ink - Remove the tracks of tires - Remove the adhesive labels - Remove the grimes of soap - Remove tar - Remove the tracks of fuel oil and Grease marks on grounds - Eliminate wax - Clean paintbrushes, etc...
Fisolve 701 is particularly effective on:
Fats - Tars - Oil - Wax - Resins - Dirty oil - Glues - Ink - Grimes - Putties - And other hard to remove spots.
Fisolve 701 develops a very pleasant smell of orange / lemon which returns this useful product to deodorize and reodorize premises.
Fisolve 701 offers an acceptable alternative to the replacement of the chlorinated and aromatic solvents - Weak losses by evaporation - Very high power solvent - Long duration of use - Handling of good safety - Biodegradable - Fisolve 701 does not disrupt the bacterial action.
 FISOLVE 701 ST - 3431
INSOLUBLE IN WATER - It is the product the most used. Cleanings without rinsing with rag, brush, pulverizing, or dipping. In trap grease, it acts as a continuous grease remover, it floats above the water and maintains an insulating layer for smells. Flash point : 48°c
 FISOLVE 701 HPE - 3497
HIGH FLASH POINT - INSOLUBLE IN WATER - Similar to FISOLVE 701 ST but with raised flash point, giving a surer use. The deodorizing power is weaker, but its action of cleaning is more powerful particularly on gummy stains, paints, polymers and resins. Flash point : 57°c
 FISOLVE 701 R - 3422
RINSABLE WITH WATER - Can be flushed off by water - Penetrate and liquefy numerous types of resins and fats. The water rinsability allows an important economy of product. Flash point : 48°
 FISOLVE 701 SA - 7095
STRENGTHENED ACTION - For a better action on some synthetic resins, glues, ink, paints, graffitis. Partially water soluble - Flash point : 56°c.
 FISOLVE 701 D - 7130
WATER SOLUBLE - Contains a strong proportion of surfactants to make it effective in all applications. It can be used in full strength or diluted in any proportions with water as for a cleaner. A good replacement for numerous solvents and detergents in all household, institutional and industrial applications.

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