Metal Cleaner & Polish A unique one-step application that restores natural brilliance to stainless steel surfaces. In one easy step, this cleaner removes light soils, restores depth and "color', helps seal out corrosion, and protects against smudging and staining. Cleans and polishes , chrome, chromium, brass, bronze, silver, copper, aluminum, fiberglass, ceramic tile and stainless steel. Restores brilliance to metals. - Removes fine scratches, tarnish, rust, heat discoloration, wax and grease buildup, dirt, fingerprints and dulling films. Contains no abrasives that scratch surfaces. -- Restores like-new brilliance and luster Protects shiny metal surfaces from water stains, dust and fingermarks long after application.
Automotive: restores bumpers, trim, hood, light bars, etc;;; to their original brilliance..... removes dirt and grime and adds new life to wheels, headers, valve covers, stocks....gets rid of water marks
Marine: restores fixtures, hardware and protects against damaging salt water corrosion
Home: Shines faucets, jewelry, antiques, silver-wares....gets stoves tops, screens, cookware looking good again....
Removes : hard water stains and tough lime deposits from bathroom tiles, shower doors, tubs...eliminates ugly smoke stains. Just smooth the formula onto any nonporous surface and then wipe it off.... no hard rubbing or buffing. Won't stain.... Won't harm skin.
Use sparingly ... a little goes a long way!
 FISHINE - 4200
High gloss siloxane, no-wax, dry polish - with lemon oil - Simply spray on and wipe to remove dirt, scuffs and stains. It cleans, polishes and protects in one operation. Cannot produce wax built-up. It is colorless - Won't darken or change the color. Leaves a high luster finish on all surfaces, plastics, car dashboard, wood, metal, rubber, stainless steel. - No oily - Dries quickly and requires no rubbing when used. No abrasives.
 FIONET - 2903
Water-based, cleaning foam - polish that dusts, cleans and polishes in one, fast and easy application. The exceptional blend of lemon oil, synthetic waxes, cleaners and emulsifiers leave treated surfaces smear-free with a beautifully polished, glossy and protective finish. Fills in minor scratches, nicks and abrasions, leaving a fresh, clean, lemon scent. Provides a special coating that resists smudges and will not be absorbed by objects placed on the treated surface. For use on virtually all non-porous surfaces, including chrome, brass, stainless steel, furniture, panelling, formica, plastics, laminates, appliances, ceramic, porcelain and enamels. Makes future cleanings much easier to perform. No abrasives.
Cream wax polish - Easy to apply - Rub out with a minimum effort to a deep, even gloss Provides corrosion protection. Restore old tarnished paints and metal surfaces. Use on stainless steel, chrome.

 FINOX - 3339
STAINLESS STEEL CLEANER - Cleans, polishes, and preserves the high lustre of stainless steel finishes. Forms a finish that will not build up. Resists water marks, stains, and water spots. Use on stainless steel, chrome, aluminum, brass and copper. No abrasives.
FURNITURE POLISH FOR METAL. The ideal polish-cleaner for use on metal, stainless steel, formica, plastic, glass, mirrors, ceramic, enameled, porcelain and vinyl furnituredisplay counters, aircraft, boats, automobiles, . Don't use on wood or grained surfaces. Cleans and dusts in one easy operation. It used to protect kitchen appliances from water, dirt, fingerprints, spills, stains, acid vapors, acid vapors, oxygen, and restore color, etc. The polished surface resists finger smudges. A rich blend of silicones, cleaners, cinnamon essences leaves a clean mirror-like protective finish, plus a pleasant fragrance and provides anti-fogging properties.

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