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 General informations on Paint strippers
 1°) Non flammable with dichloromethane (Methylene chloride)

 FISTRIP 140 GEL - 3026/0
FISTRIP 140 L - 3026/1

EPOXY STRIPPER ACID ACTIVATED: Our most active formulation - A super heavy duty stripper for bond release removal of chemically resistant coatings such as epoxies, urethanes, acrylics, vinyls, and multiple layered paints -Heavily fortified with phenolics, organic acids , detergents and wetting agents to improve penetration of solvents into paint films and allows easy flushing form surface with water - Safe on all metals when used properly - Excels on very hard to remove paints.
 FISTRIP 103 GEL - 4024/0
 FISTRIP 103 L - 4024/1

GENERAL PURPOSE - Quickly removes paint, epoxy lacquer, decals, gaskets, shellac, enamel, varnish, labels, gasket cement, glue, carbon deposits, silicone and simulated wood paneling. For use by auto dealers, paint shops, maintenance departments, engine rebuilders, factories, furniture refinishers, painters, sign builders, schools, motels, hotels, hospitals, and offices. For use on metal parts, plaster, concrete, tile, glass, ceramic, engine parts, valve seals, paint guns, paper, wood, stone, masonry. Alkaline. Water rincable.
 FISTRIP 102 GEL - 2881/0
Acidic stripper used for general uses on woods and metals. Do not stain wood - No corrosive, can be used on aluminum
 FISTRIP 105 LNS - 3281
A room temperature tank immersion "Neutral" stripper designed to remove general purpose paints. A water seal of 5 % by volume may be added to stop solvent losses. Extra long tank life. Minimum odor. Can be used in mild steel tanks.- Safe on wood and all metals.
 2°) Non flammable without dichloromethane (Methylene chloride)
 FISTRIP 420 - 3399
A hot tank immersion stripper. Use in heated tanks (60 to 85°c), immerse parts, water rinse, preferably under pressure. Organic alkalinity, no harsh sodium or potassium hydroxides - Safe to use on aluminum, magnesium, copper, lead, steel, zinc, cadmium, brass, tin plate and other reactive metals. Particularly for hard to remove paints. Without paraffine wax.
 FISTRIP CR 2 - 7099
HOT TANK STRIPPER - Rapidly penetrate, loosen and remove many of the toughest industrial paints from ferrous and non ferrous metal surfaces. These paints include epoxy, vinyl, acrylic enamel, polyurethane, polyester and powder coatings. FISTRIP CR 2 is applied using tank immersion method at 65-75°c temperatures. Without paraffine wax.
 3°) NEW GENERATION (without methylene chloride)
 FISTRIP 160 GEL - 3326
GRAFFITI STAIN AND PAINT REMOVER - For use on concrete, brickwork, ceramic, vitreous enamel, aluminum, stainless steel. - Flammable. Without paraffine wax.
 FISTRIP G 82 GEL - 3382
 FISTRIP G 82 L - 3382/1

GRAFFITI STAIN AND PAINT REMOVER - For use on plastic or polycarbonate surfaces. (Do not apply to painted surfaces) . - Flammable - Without paraffine wax. .
 FISOLVE 1205 SA L - 7110
 FISOLVE 1205 SA Gel - 7110/1

GRAFFITI REMOVER - Fully biodegradable - Water rinsable - High activity on gummy stains, paints, resins. Flash point > 100°c.
 FISTRIP GP 23 GEL - 7128
 FISTRIP GP 23 L - 7128/1

GENERAL PURPOSE PAINT AND VARNISH REMOVER - Can be an effective methylene chloride replacement paint stripper. Removes Alkyd, acrylic, polyurethane and various varnishes form most substrates. - Flammable. - Without paraffine wax.
 FIDOX DA 20 - 3057
Is a powerful fast rust and scale stripper for removing rust and point from iron and steel. Contains rust preventive ingredients. Accelerates stripping on rust and a wide range of paints. Highly alkaline combined with fast acting penetrants for quick, effective removal of chemically resistant synthetic resin finishes, acrylics, modified epoxies and heavily pigmented paints. Simultaneously strips carbon, rust, grease, and paint from ferrous metals. Long solution life helps cut stripping costs. Rinses completely. Most effective on alkyd and oil based paints. Used in heated tank. Can not be used on aluminum, and may attack zinc alloys.
 FISTRIP PA 15 - 4446
A heavy duty caustic stripper phenolic activated for quick effective removal of chemically resistant synthetic finishes. - Used in heated tanks (60 to 85°c). Operate at lowest cost and maximum efficiency. Can not be used on aluminum, and may attack zinc alloys.
 FISTRIP AC 1 - 7120
HOT & COLD REMOVER for ACRYLIC TEMPORARY PROTECTIVE COATINGS - Faster removal with minimal smearing and secondary polishing - No problems from solvent discharge to drains and effluent systems - No fire risk from remover storage - Lightly gelatinized to "cling" to vertical surfaces for best contact time.  Particularly recommended for  FITEK AC 10  and FITEK AC 3

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