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 FISOL EP 21 - 5131
SOLVENTLESS CONCRETE FLOOR EPOXY PAINT. - A new concrete paint that can be applied to old and new concrete to provide an acid resistant, alkali-proof surface tougher than that of the concrete itself. FISOL EP 21 is supplied as a two-container coating. Both parts A and B, which are mixed together just prior to application. Compound hardens at room temperature overnight, and once hardened will not resoften or melt. Especially useful in applications exposed to corrosive environments, such as are encountered in chemical plants, refineries, dairies, animal runs and food processing plants. Provides non-porous surface with abrasion resistance greater than that of concrete. This solvent free, epoxy coating is developed for maximum thickness and corrosion resistance with a minimum number of coats. Standard color is light gray, other colors on request.
 FISOL EP 780 - 4114
HEAVY DUTY EPOXY PAINT - FISOL EP 780 Paint is two component epoxy available in clear and numerous colors. This epoxy possess excellent resistance to motor oil, brake fluid, gasoline, water, corrosion, acids, detergents, solvents, alkalies, fungus growth, heat or cold extremes, and marring without losing flexibility and toughness. FISOL EP 780 coatings adhere tenaciously to concrete, wood, metals, fiberglass and any other surface which can be painted. Standard color is light gray, other colors on request.
 FICRYL ZINC - 5124 
ZINC COLD GALVANIZING COMPOUND. - Made from pure zinc metal. - Use to protect steel, iron from corrosion. Forms a bond that will protect and preserve for years. Can be painted over if desired. Galvanized surfaces can be welded safely. Can be used as a primer coat.
* Electrochemically fuses zinc to metal surface.
* Confines rust to exposed area if scratched or pierced ... will not spread.
* can be applied by brush, dip, or spray.
* Highly resistant to all forms of corrosion.
APPLICATIONS: Metal fabricating, welding, general maintenance of metal structures, equipment, machinery and most other applications where metal is subjected to corrosion and rust. Wide usages in marine, utility, air conditioning and refrigeration manufacturers and the structural iron industries.Standard color is light gray.
 FIPOXY EP 710 - 5053
Quick drying. Standard color is light gray.
 FICRYL ZP - 5111
FICRYL ZP is a triple-duty, acrylic based, preservative that acts both as a primer, rust preventive and finishing coats. - Multicoats of FICRYL ZP are good, particularly on canneries, dairy, breweries, ice plants, paper mills, bottling plants, etc, where machinery are subject to hard usage and must be refinished regularly. FICRYL ZP is a high grade rust preventive that expels moisture and is designed as an undercoater for other finish coats, particularly on machinery, motors, bridges, sash, steel cars, railings, ship decks, gas, oil and water tanks. Because of this penetrating feature, it is not necessary to remove every appearance of rust before application. Remove oil, grease and fat with naphtha or gasoline. Wire brush or sandpaper rusted areas until firm surface is obtained. Standard color is light gray, other colors on request.
 FIPOXY EP 730 - 5055
COALTAR/EPOXY PAINT - Combines hardness with flexibility - Excellent adhesion to wood, concrete, metal - High film thickness - Excellent waterstability in sea water and effluent water - Very good resistance to petrol, kerosine, gasoil, lubricating oils, acids, alkalines, but resistance to ketones and aromatics hydrocarbons is unsatisfactory. - High resistance to chemicals in general and for this reason excellently applicable in the industry where ordinary paints fail. -
FIPOXY EP 730 is applied as protective layers on steel and concrete in extra corrosive surroundings.
* steel pipelines and concrete pipes below as well as above the ground.
* On the hull of steamers, pontoons, piers and lock gates.
* In water tanks
* In concrete containers and paper mills in the paper industry.
Colors=Black - Red/brown - Aluminum.
 FIFLUO - 4667
 FLUORESCENT PAINT - Provides high visibility, four times the amount of brightness than normal paint for optimum brilliance and durability. Attract attention for advertising or warnings.
Formulated to be used on metal surface that will generate heat up to 200/250°C - Color=Aluminum.
Formulated to be used on metal surfaces up to 400°C
Ideal for use on grills, stoves, boilers, stove pipes, heaters, steam pipes. Color=Aluminum.
 FISOL EP 780 - 4114
HEAVY DUTY TWO-POT EPOXY PAINT - An extremely hard and very durable finish - Widely used for silos, vats, chemical containers and storage tanks. Standard color is light gray, other colors on request.

 FISOL EP 21 - 5131
This solvent free, epoxy coating is developed for maximum thickness and corrosion resistance with a minimum number of coats.
Used in the protection of industrial equipments
See "floor paints"
 FITEK VAC 1 - 3154
CLEAR ACRYLIC INSULATED VARNISH - Quick drying - Protects against moisture and corrosion - Forms a protective barrier that seals against dirt and grime - Air dries to hard glossy, flexible, providing excellent strength. - Highly effective in resisting oil, acid, alkalis and chemicals. - Use for heavy duty applications, electrical windings, surface exposed to extreme corrosion conditions, battery terminals, printed circuit, chromes, copper, etc... 
 FIRETHANE X 20 - 4221
POLYURETHANE - This is a premium solvent varnish specifically designed to penetrate deep within wood and concrete. Form a clear, high gloss coat. This moisture-Cure Urethane is a high-solids aromatic clear urethane. A quality finish that cures by the percentage of moisture in the air. This finish has outstanding abrasion and chemical resistance and its high gloss finish cleans easily and outwears ordinary finishes. Use on : wood, metal, concrete.
 FISOL AC 5 - 4442
FISOL AC 5 is a solvent based, acrylic varnish for use indoor and outdoor. It penetrates deep within surface pores to form a clear permanent coating which effectively seals out soils and stains, prevents dusting, and makes cleaning easier. FISOL AC 5 may be used on cured concrete, terrazzo, stone and brick, and on all surfaces including wood and metal.
 DILUANT 01 - 4325
Universal - For all paints - Very Fast drying - High solvency - Gives very low viscosity
 DILUANT CE - 4923
For cellulosic paints
 DILUANT EP - 3290
For Epoxy paints
 DILUANT PU - 3366
Polyurethane and epoxy paints
 FISOLVE 110 - 3005
Epoxy, acrylic, glycero-phtalic paints - High solvency - Medium drying time
 FISOLVE 125 - 3384
Glycero-phtalic paints  - Quick drying time
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