LUBRICANTS " Release agents"

WELDERS ANTI-SPATTER - The most widely used anti-spatter liquid for all types of welding. - Does not contain silicone. - Effectively releases weld spatter so that grinding will not be necessary. Designed for the prevention of spatter build-up. - Effective for all types of welding, especially Mig and Tig tips. - Surface may be painted after use with only a minimal wiping or protected with FITEK protective coatings. - If a top coating or finish is to be applied, a mild soap and water flush will suffice for good paint adhesion. APPLICATIONS: Use on all forms of welding and torch cutting where weld spatter is a problem. - Mig nozzles, contact tips, weldments, electrode holders, fixtures, resistance welding tips and wheels.
 FIMOLD S1 - 4625
A general purpose lubricant to stop sticking, squeaking, and binding. Retards corrosion and may be used on any surface including metal, glass, rubber, plastic and fabrics. Nontoxic and can be used on equipment containing food products. Colorless-heat stable - stainless. Not affected by water. Faster Molding * Eliminates ejects* Heat Stable * Non-Toxic * Lubricates - Non-Staining - High-quality pure silicone gives you more cycles.. Very effective release agent for all plastic molding operations, injection or compression. Maximum Operating Temperature: 300°c.
 FIMOLD L 5 - 4896
PAINTABLE MOLD RELEASE - Non-silicone paintable mold release agent and lubricant. - Specially formulated for most injection and compression molding and some flexible and semi-flexible urethane foams. Non-silicone ... fully paintable. . . noncrazing. Neutral color and odor. Will not interfere with part-bonding, heat-sealing, laminating, ultra-sonic welding, painting and silk screening. Will not build-up on mold surfaces or drift ... minimal migration. - • Minimal amount required for satisfactory results. • Recommended for use as a lubricant or anti-rust film on equipment and machine parts in which there is exposure to edible products. • Acceptable as lubricant with incidental food contact.
APPLICATIONS: Recommended for use on many types of plastics including polypropylene, polyethylene, nylon, food plants, beverage plants, breweries, pharmaceutical plants, meat and poultry plants. Maximum Operating Temperature: 260°c
 FIMOLD RH - 3298
The general purpose, high performance mold release agent. * Acceptable for food grade applications. * Will not interfere when molded parts are painted, plated, adhesive bonded, labelled hotstamped or otherwise decorated. *Excellent for most molded materials including plastics, rubber, waxes and ceramics. * Economical. A light coating produces superior results. * Excellent for injection, compression, transfer, - vacuum form, pour cast, die cast, extrusion and foam molding.
SLIPPING AGENT - Use it on tables and guides - Protects surfaces and posters against piracy placarding.
GELLED LUBRICANT - Used in the installation of electrical or telephone cable in conduit. - Chemically and physically inert in respect to the surface - Reduce the force required to move - Leaves little residue upon the evaporation of the liquid phase - Can be pumped - non flammable -

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