FIFLON SEC - 3157
PTFE DRY LUBRICANT AND RELEASE AGENT. - A multipurpose lubricant that is non-staining, non-oily, and will not easily rub off. Formulated of pure PTFE specially combined with an acrylic and mineral carrier. - Coats surfaces with a chemically inert film - Resistant to most chemicals and solvents - Dries to a white film. - Low coefficient of friction (.02 to .04) - Excellent for use in industries where cleanliness and non contamination are critical. - Effective to + 230°C. APPLICATIONS: Lubricant and sealant for packing glands, rotating, sliding or moving parts, surfaces requiring reduced friction at low loads. Release agent for molds - Excellent for use on wood furniture, chutes, box conveyors, leather, rubber, etc.
EXTRA HEAVY DUTY FOOD GRADE NON-MELT GREASE - This is an excellent non-melt grease specially formulated to provide heavy duty service. SILFLON is an association of PTFE and SILICONE. - This product has extra tackifiers to provide excellent adhesive and cohesive properties. It resists most acids, salt, dirt, salt spray, steam, corrosion and oxidation. - Will not attack plastic. - Prevents sticking of plastic parts, rubber, metal, etc. Excellent for use in processing and handling foods such as bottling operations, breweries, canneries, food processing plants, dairies and farms, candle factories, candy plants, pet food manufacturers, ice cream plants, etc.
APPLICATIONS: Slides, guide-rails, knives, slicers, saws, grinders, dough mixers, guards, heat sealing equipment, bottling machines, textile weaving equipment. Conveyors, heat sealers and many other kinds of machinery can be quickly and easily lubricated.
 FIFLON GT - 4223
SEALING & ANTI-SEIZE COMPOUND WITH "PTFE" - A grease containing the friction reducing additive Polytetrafluoroethylene-"P.T.F.E.". The "P.T.F.E." provides added protection by preventing metal to metal contact and increasing lubricity, thus reducing friction and wear. An excellent all-purpose non-melt grease. It withstands vibration and contraction and makes disassembly easy. It seals for the life of the connection. It can be used on pipes and threaded connections of all materials: iron, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, plastic, etc.
 FILUB TEF 20 - 3455
WHITE LITHIUM GREASE - Formulation includes PTFE materials to promote the ultimate in thin film lubrication. Heat , friction and drag are reduced, thus protecting machinery and requiring less frequent lubrication. Consistency is maintained even after severe operating conditions. An exceptional coating for prevention of rust and corrosion. Reduces friction between surfaces of similar or different materials. This multipurpose grease is designed for a myriad of uses. It's used to lubricate, waterproof, rustproof practically everything. It stops squeaks in springs, hinges, chains, doors, windows. It will unstick drawers, doors, windows, zippers, locks, wheels. Helps to weatherproof shoes, golf bags, fishing tackle, sporting goods, boating equipment, etc. Aids in preventing corrosion on metal parts, auto chrome, bicycles, boots, battery terminals. Lubricates rubber, saws, tools, etc. Excellent for use in the packaging, automotive, and marine/aircraft industries. Protection and lubrication is assured when used for king pins, ball joints, chassis, universals, fifth wheel and bearings.

* PTFE=similar to TEFLON - Teflon is DU PONT de NEMOURS trade mark

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