No greasy - No gummy - No residus - No odors - Colorless - No staining - Water resistant - Ideal for low moving parts as doors, hinges, windows, locks, zips, plastics, irons, electronic components, ignition wirings, mold releasing agent for plastics and rubber - Specially formulated silicone sprays make everything slide and glide easier. Use on any surfaces (except on parts being painted) - Will not freeze or melt.
 FILUB SIL 6 - 3439/1
All Purpose Silicone Lubricant. A non toxic, odorless, high heat resistant silicone lubricant that waterproofs, prevents rust and will not stain. - Special additives permit penetration into hard to reach areas. - This light duty, medium viscosity silicone product (textile grade) is formulated to provide excellent all around protection, lubrication and restoration properties. Applications include heat sealing and packaging equipment, automotive and industrial equipment, garden tools, cutting edges. - Use this product to reduce friction on cutting tables, sewing needles, knives and cutters, weather stripping, springs, sliding wood surfaces, sewing machines, sliding tracks, doors, windows, locks, hinges, drawers and zippers, springs,. Protect and restore any rubber, plastic and vinyl parts, leather, weather stripping, with periodic coatings. An excellent release agent for rubber molding.
  FILUB SPECIAL 35 - 3460
 FILUB SIL 6 G - 3439/1
This silicone grease is heat stable, will not freeze or melt, and is not affected by oil or water. Forms a protective, flexible shield for rubber, weather stripping and automotive window moldings. Keeps battery terminals clean and corrosion free, Weatherproofs ignition systems. Lubricates locks and prevents freezing. weather stripping, springs, sliding wood surfaces, sewing machines, sliding tracks. In no-aerosol package this grease is FOOD SAFE. Use when manufacturing products or materials which will eventually come into contact with food or in making food handling equipment. Excellent for use as a lubricant for such things as slides, guides, belts, ovens, grinders, mixers, slicing machines and other food equipment and machinery. Color Clear Translucent
EXTRA HEAVY DUTY "FOOD GRADE" NON-MELT GREASE - This is a special blend of PTFE* and silicone oils - FILUB SILFLON is an excellent non-melt grease specially formulated with extreme pressure and anti-wear additives to provide heavy duty service. This product has extra tackifiers to provide excellent adhesive and cohesive properties. It resists most acids, salt, dirt, salt spray, steam, corrosion and oxidation. - Will not attack plastic. - Prevents sticking of plastic parts, rubber, metal, etc. • Excellent for use in processing and handling foods such as bottling operations, breweries, canneries, food processing plants, dairies and farms, candle factories, candy plants, pet food manufacturers, ice cream plants, etc. APPLICATIONS: Slides, guide-rails, knives, slicers, saws, grinders, dough mixers, guards, heat sealing equipment, bottling machines, textile weaving equipment. Conveyors, heat sealers and many other kinds of machinery can be quickly and easily lubricated.
* PTFE=similar to TEFLON - Teflon is DU PONT de NEMOURS trade mark

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