"Molybdenum Disulfide"

Solid film lubricants are dry like a painted surface. They contain molybdenum disulfide help in place evently by film forming binder. Exceptional lubrication without making surfaces oily, sticky or gummy, unlike oils, greases and pastes. Dry when ready for use, solid film lubricants won't run, drip or attract dust and grit.
 FILUB MOLY S - 3139
Unique, Molybdenum Disulfide dry film lubricant, containing an acrylic special bonding resins to provide a strong, thin film that separates sliding surfaces and stops metal to metal contact. - Do not contain water or oil - Prevents seizing, galling and fretting of steel, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium and in certain instances, plastic and wood.
  FILUB MOLY S 2 - 4222
A air-drying bonded lubricant in a water based inorganic binder with very broad temperature range ( to 650°F). For metal forming operations - Hot or cold operations - stamping, forming, drawing, extruding.
 FILUB MOLY G 2 - 3473
Premium grade grease. The molybdenum disulfide in our product reduces friction and protects against excessive wear from extreme loads.
SPECIAL DRIPLESS WIRE ROPE LUBRICANT - Spray like oil... stick like grease - This product is an outstanding multipurpose wire rope lubricant with Molybdenum disulfide for greater lubrication and protection of cables and wire ropes. Extremely water, rust and corrosion resistant. - Continued use of this product reduces chain whip, vibration and noise, also protects against galling, seizing and wear, thus adds life to chain cable and sprockets. Recommended for use on: Hinge, slide, motor bike and bicycle chain, derricks, cranes, draglines, guy wiring, machinery, machine shops, cars & trucks, homes, oil rigs, office buildings, cargo hoists, industrial and for marine applications.
OIL ADDITIVE - A super-stick engine and gear treatment specially formulated to coat internal parts resulting in reduced friction and wear and improved performance. Uses : Gas or Diesel engines, gear boxes.
CHAIN AND CONVEYOR LUBRICANT - This high-fortified chain and conveyor synthetic lubricant with Molybdenum disulfide greatly reduces wear on roller chain and permits smooth conveyor operation with minimal wear. The resulting oil film is effective to 300°-350°C. The product may be reduced with oil or kerosene for automatic application if a lower viscosity is required. Suitable for automatic application systems. Suitable for many applications where high-fortified oil is needed to reduce wear and provides a broad temperature range of lubrication. - The synthetic oil is completely evaporated at high temperature and do not leave carbonaceous residus, only a protective film of lubricating MoS2. Prevents metal to metal contact to reduce wear. Used on Kiln Cars, Conveyor systems, rotary kilns, stokers, baking & drying ovens, gears, chains, bearings..
 Pastes have high molybdenum disulfide concentration. Assure highest clamping from applied torque on threaded fittings. - Insures easy disassembly - Reduces wear on splines - Helps gears stand up under high static or slow moving loads. - Ideal when drawing, stamping, coining, extruding, lapping, forging, etc... Avoid seizing in all new assembling.
 FILUB MOLY H2 - 3297
Concentrated dispersion of colloidal molybdenum disulfide. Effective lubrication under conditions of high pressure, high temperature (up to 315°C). Penetrates pores of substrate and incorporates itself in the surface for long lasting lubrication. Applications: Lubricant for assembly and run-in, maintenance, wire drawing; gasket coating (industrial and automotive), stop-off coating, rubber mold release, foundries and casting plants, metal extrusions, conveyor belts where heat is present (transfer belts in steel mills, glass & porcelain plants).
 Concentrated dispersion of colloidal molybdenum disulfide in silicone oil for maximum slipping -

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