"General purpose"

 FILUB TEF 20 - 3455
WHITE LITHIUM GREASE - Formulation includes PTFE* materials to promote the ultimate in thin film lubrication. Heat , friction and drag are reduced, thus protecting machinery and requiring less frequent lubrication. Consistency is maintained even after severe operating conditions. An exceptional coating for prevention of rust and corrosion. Reduces friction between surfaces of similar or different materials. This multipurpose grease is designed for a myriad of uses. It's used to lubricate, waterproof, rustproof practically everything. It stops squeaks in springs, hinges, chains, doors, windows. It will unstick drawers, doors, windows, zippers, locks, wheels. Helps to weatherproof shoes, golf bags, fishing tackle, sporting goods, boating equipment, etc. Aids in preventing corrosion on metal parts, auto chrome, bicycles, boots, battery terminals. Lubricates rubber, saws, tools, etc. Excellent for use in the packaging, automotive, and marine/aircraft industries. Protection and lubrication is assured when used for king pins, ball joints, chassis, universals, fifth wheel and bearings.
* PTFE=similar to TEFLON - Teflon is DU PONT de NEMOURS trade mark
BLUE LITHIUM GREASE - An all purpose lubricant for all moving metal parts. Effective in all weather conditions moisture resistant. Will not run or drip. Excellent for automotive and industrial use. Forms a protective shield against rust and corrosion.
 FILUB LH 12 - 4612/1
A pure water white blend of "Codex" oil. - Offers excellent lubrication for food handling equipment - (not for food contacts)
 FILUB LG 12 - 4612
A pure water white blend of "Codex" oil with an inert thickener. For Incidental Food Contract - Offers excellent lubrication for food handling equipment - (Do not use the aerosol package in food contacts)

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