FILUB COUP 1 - 2883
100 % SYNTHETIC LUBRICANT - NO PETROLEUM OIL - This product is recommended for light to moderate duty cutting, grinding and boring, on steel, iron, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, etc. The low foaming properties combined with the extreme versatility and variable dilution ratio make this product an all purpose coolant. Non-corrosive, no-odor, long-lasting. Water diluable. Do not gum slides.
 FILUB APS 24 - 4736
SYNTHETIC COOLANT - A synthetic coolant for multiple machine operations; works on practically all metals for cutting, grinding, milling and lathing - Does not go rancid or sour in typically clean operations - Formula contains a rust inhibitor system which protects ferrous surfaces at wide dilution ranges. A clear liquid which remains clear upon dilution with water, providing clarity for observing both tool bit and part being machined
 FILUB PAG 2 - 4408
METAL COOLER AND CUTTING OIL - Lubricates and cools by chemical action. For all metal working operations: pipe threaders, drill pressers, precision tool and die making, grinding, milling all industrial work shops. Reduces heat less heat distortion allows smoother, cleaner cuts fewer rejects. Extends the life of tools. Can be used on steel, aluminum, brass, copper, iron and other metals.
 FILUB HP 5 - 3105
DRILLING - TAPPING - DRAWING LUBRICANT - for manual uses - Gives maximum lubricating properties for long tool life and less sharpening, less down times Can be used on all ferous and non ferrous. Excellent as bicycle chain, cable and wire rope, lock, slide lubricant.
 FILUB COUP 301 - 4324
An extreme pressure formulated metalworking fluid concentrate containing with "friction reducing" additives for application on tough alloys or severe operations, for extremely fine finishes and extended tool life. It provides exceptional corrosion inhibition for parts, fixtures and machine tools and resist rancidity. It is cost effective due to high lubricating capacity, long sump life. A truly "heavy duty" product. No-Water soluble.

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