FILUB HT - 4218
ANTI SEIZE - This is a metallic silver high temperature grease designed to provide excellent lubrication under extreme pressure and high temp. Protection up to 600°C. . Greatly decreases corrosion, pitting, seizing, galling, rusting and thread distortion. This product is fortified with aluminum. It has a no-gumming base and no-Dropping Point, so it will not run out when heated. Remains effective longer than most other lubricants. Provides excellent lubrication and protection, reduces corrosion, pitting, rusting and galling of metal parts, to machinery stored outdoors even near swamps, oceans or other damp areas. Required for almost all industries. Color: Metallic Silver
  FILUB C - 7026
HIGH TEMPERATURE, SEVERE SERVICE ANTI-SEIZE & LUBRICATING COMPOUND - A top quality compound composed of fine copper powder - This extreme pressure and temperature lubricant and sealant protects metal parts under sustained temperatures up to 1000°C. Will not wash off ... Non-melting - Will not evaporate, separate or harden - Reduces torque requirements - Acts as a sealant, reduces friction and wear on rubber and metal parts, and all gaskets, shortens downtime, cuts replacement costs, makes tighter, firmer joints possible that open even more easily, speeds up assembly and disassembly of parts. - High quality formula additives prevent galling, seizing, galvanic action, pitting, and thread distortion allowing them to be re-used many times over. - Prevents breakage during dismounting after exposure to high temperatures.Prevents seizing and welding together of metal parts. One application assures long term protection, even in damp atmospheres or corrosive salt spray conditions. Resists steam and weathering indoors or out. Color : Copper.
Applications include: All nuts and bolts, bushings, centers, cam rollers, slow moving bearings, compressors, conveyors, couplings, dies, drills, fittings, gears, generators, keyways, motors, packings, press fits, pumps, shafts, sleeves, slides, taps, turbines, valves, wristpins and more. Steel mills and foundries, oil refineries and chemical plants, construction and farm equipment, autos and trucks (fleet maintenance), electric power and other utilities, oil drilling and mining, diesel and gasoline engines, marine motors and shipyards, paper mills and machine shops.
 FIFLON GT - 4223
SEALING & ANTI-SEIZE COMPOUND WITH "PTFE"* - A grease containing the friction reducing additive Polytetrafluoroethylene-"PTFE.". The "PTFE." provides added protection by preventing metal to metal contact and increasing lubricity, thus reducing friction and wear. An excellent all-purpose non-melt grease. It withstands vibration and contraction and makes disassembly easy. It seals for the life of the connection. It can be used on pipes and threaded connections of all materials: iron, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, plastic, etc. Color : White
* PTFE=similar to TEFLON - Teflon is DU PONT de NEMOURS trade mark

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