FILIQ' ICE - 4690
LIQUID ICE & SNOW REMOVER AND PREVENTATIVE. Ready-to-use form, no acids, alkalis. This convenient, ready-to-use liquid ice melting compound is formulated to work by azeotropic action. No heat is generated, no harsh, corrosive salts to destroy concrete surfaces or harm lawns, no waiting. This compound chemically unites with ice or snow and changes the normal freezing point, thus preventing adhesion to surfaces. Pre-treated surfaces may be swept clean of ice or snow. New formations may be removed by treating with this ice melting product. A truly unique formula of chemicals designed to melt ice and inhibit its reformation.
FLAKE ICE & SNOW REMOVER AND PREVENTATIVE. - The fastest de-icer - for sidewalks, steps, loading docks, parking lots .Heat is generated to melt more quickly ice and snow. Easy to use. Sprinkle lightly over ice or snow.
This instant action aerosol windshield deicer has fantastic penetrating action to remove all ice formation. Conveniently melts ice and frost from: * Windshields * Icy Steps * Door Locks * Outdoor Equipment * Headlights, Wherever fast removal of ice is necessary. Will not harm automobile finishes, plexiglass, metal or rubber. Does not leave a residue on windshields or headlights - actually improves visibility. When used regularly, FIDEGIVRE helps prevent ice and frost from forming. Automotive, Buses, Trucks and Car Fleets. All areas where ice or frost formation is a problem.
DE-ICER & ANTI-ICER - FIDEGIVRE GEL is an antifreeze chemical which is used primarily in the prevention of ice in the transportation and storage. FIDEGIVRE GEL prevent the formation of frost and ice or the accumulation of snow on surfaces over extended periods of time, and is particularly desirable of overnight frost protection and for use during bad weather operation. FIDEGIVRE GEL is a method of protecting surfaces from the effects of moisture condensing on the surfaces, as well as ice accumulation during periods of freezing rain, snow and sleet. This gel adhere to the surface being coated and react to form a resilient coating. The film present a slippery antifreeze surface which has a tendency to repel water and ice. Use for aircraft part such as wings to prevent or remove icing while the plane awaits takeoff, railroad cars and trucks, barges, wheel barrows and conveyor belts, as well storage containers. This antifreeze composition assist in particular material removal at and below freezing temperatures by preventing the formation of high strength ice crystals between the contained material and the walls of the devices, thus prevent ice bonding the material to the vessel surfaces. A dye in the coating mixture provides a more visible product. An additive agent is incorporated into FIDEGIVRE GEL to neutralize the corrosive agents released by some materials.

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