FIFUEL FS 720 - 3046
- A multi-purpose, premium grade additive which dilutes up to 5000 To 1 with fuel oil - A metallic catalyst improves combustion by reducing soot and carbon deposits on the nozzles and flues, which restrict the free flow of oil and act as insulators, causing tremendous heat losses. - Selected agents absorb water, thereby minimizing rust, corrosion, organic fouling type growths thus promoting smooth fuel flow - Special powerful solvents degrease and remove sticky, grimy deposits which plug nozzles, lines and pumping-equipment - FIFUEL FS 720 added to the fuel oil in a clean storage tank prevents the Heavy sludge deposit from forming. Storage tanks, settling tanks, injector nozzles, pumps and lines remain extra clear and free of harmful corrosion. - FIFUEL FS 720 acts as a neutralizer on the free acids in the fuel oil, this factor, combined with the emulsification of the water greatly reduces corrosion in tanks, heaters, lines and filters. - FIFUEL FS 720 assists in smoke abatement, an important factor.
 FIFUEL FS 721 - 3477
Similar to FIFUEL FS 720 - but to use with Car diesel fuel oil.
  FIFUEL N - 3048
FUEL CONDITIONER and SMOKE REDUCER - A modern concentrated fuel conditioner that is specifically engineered to answer the needs of today's high performance engines and is blended to neutralize harmful fuel acids, as well as eliminate the damage caused by sulfur, gum, varnish and moisture found in all fuels. Other advantages: a cleaner more complete combustion, increased mileage, cleans injectors and carburetors, and in general to improve performance, reduce downtime and maintenance costs.
 FIFUEL N2 - 3478
Similar to FIFUEL N - but to use with car diesel fuel oil.
 DESUIE - 3260
SOOT REMOVER - Soot removing compound as supplements to mechanical cleaning methods. - Apply soot remover periodically for the purpose of removing soot deposits in the furnace, flue pipes and chimneys - DESUIE saves labor in a furnace which gives constant trouble and needs frequent cleanings. - The action of DESUIE aims at the production of conditions which will cause the soot to ignite at a lower temperature and burn more easily.
 FIFUEL DS - 4154
Remove hardened soot (carbon deposit) from oil burning furnaces - Contains rust preventatives and alkaline compound which helps to neutralize acids. Solution is spayed onto the soot deposits. The burner is then turned on and, with a hot fire in the heater, the soot explode, leaving boiler tubes clean. Now, brush.
 FIFLAM - 4994
Gelled fire lighter for Barbecue and fireplace.

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