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 FIMOQ 1 - 3020
A CONCENTRATED RUGFOAM CLEANER for all types of carpeting, including wool, cotton, nylon, acrylic, and other synthetic fibers. The Concentrate is unaffected by hard water and contains biodegradable detergents. It minimizes over-wetting due to high foaming action and the use of less water. An excellent product for use in rotary wet foam

 FIMOQ S 3 - 3411
FIMOQ S 3 is a high foaming carpet shampoo formulated to provide optimum cleaning results with wet-foam, automatic or semi-automatic machines. Its balanced blend of detergents, emulsifiers and suspending agents enable to effectively dissolve and remove dirt, grease, oil, smoke and its odor, coffee, cola, and other beverage spills, food residue, pet stains, cosmetics, grass stains, and similar soils. The shampoo dries to a crystalline, brittle, non-tacky residue, which encapsulates soil particles for easy removal by vacuuming. FIMOQ S 3 contains a soil-retardant polymer that provides a protective shield to inhibit resoiling. The addition of optical brighteners enhances carpet color tones. It is intended for the cleaning of carpets, rugs, furniture upholstery, automobile carpeting and upholstery, staircase runners, and as a spotter for carpets and rugs.
 FIMOQ SV - 4219
CARPET CLEANER EXTRACTION CONCENTRATE - This product is a concentrated, low-foaming, carpet cleaning product for use with cold or hot water extraction machines or steam cleaning units. FIMOQ SV is formulated with wetting agents, water softeners, penetrants, detergents, defoamers, and optical brighteners. This multi-functional product is designed for cleaning of carpets, rugs and upholstery. Due to the complexity of the formulation, this one product may be used to clean water-soluble soils such as dirt, coffee. cola and grass stains, as well as oil-based matter such as grease, oils and lipstick. The deep, penetrating action will clean carpet pile of soil and detergent residues which cause compaction under foot traffic. The defoamer in the formulation helps to prevent over-foaming in the recovery tank of the cleaning equipment. Optical brighteners act to restore original color and balance to carpet and upholstery.
 FIMOQ P - 4769
DRY POWDER SPOTTER - In powder this dry cleaning product for rug is safe for use on most expensive carpets. Will clean and remove oil and water based spots because of the absorbing action of the powder. The various soils that can be removed are: ballpoint pen ink, beer, cake, candies, chocolate, cocoa, coffee, soft drinks, crayon, cream, egg white, grass, gravy, food grease, lubricating grease, grease pencil, hair lotion, jam or jelly, lipstick, make-up, marmalade, mayonnaise, mustard, lubricating oil, paint (if fresh), pencil, perfume, sauces, soot, tar, tea, tomato, typewriter ribbon, red wine, gasoline, shoe polish, ice cream, and similar stains. This product cleans rayon, wool, perlon, nylon, dralon, diolen, redon, Orlon and banlon.
 FIPHOB HE - 4410
CARPET & FABRIC PROTECTOR - Solvent based - Dries in minutes! - Oil, water and Soil Protection Solvent Formula Safe for Most Fabrics - Reduces Dye Bleeding and Browning. FIPHOB HE gives you a safe way to treat delicate fabrics with protection against spills, stains and soil. The solvent formula contains no water and can be safely used on most upholstery, draperies, tapestries and fabrics that might normally have dye bleed or browning problems. FIPHOB HE forms an invisible barrier against oil and water-based stains and slows general soiling dramatically. FIPHOB HE is compatible with all fibers and will not change the "hand" or "softness" of fabrics.
 FIPHOB RHO - 7125
CARPET SOIL RETARDANT - FIPHOB RHO contains a water-based concentrated fluoro-chemical product which forms a protective coating that inhibits the lodging of soil and dirt within the carpet fibers. It is characterized by outstanding dry soil resistance, very good resistance to water-based soils and excellent resistance to oil-based liquids. FIPHOB RHO has a soil release (non-stick) property which reduces the chances of dirt becoming imbedded within the carpet causing wear and abrasion of the fabric. Dirt and soil remains on top of the treated carpet which can easily be vacuumed. FIPHOB RHO provides protection from such damaging spills as grape juice, wine and children's drinks. Contains no combustible or odor-causing solvents. Ideal for industrial, janitorial, hospital, and contract maintenance requirements. The best protection you can use for virtually all natural or synthetic fibers.
 FISOLVE 701 R - 3422
SOLVENT-BASED CARPET SPOTTER - Rapidly penetrates grease and oil stains to effectively remove them from carpet and upholstery fibers. FISOLVE 701 R is easy to use and saves both time and labor. Just spray the soiled area, Brush, then clean as usual. This product cleans, dissolves and removes grease, oil, wax, ink, paint, mold release agents, some adhesives and light carbon deposits.
 FIFOAM 4260 - 4260
A HIGHLY CONCENTRATED ANTIFOAM designed especially for a wide range of industrial, institutional, janitorial foam problems. FIFOAM 4260 prevents overflow of suds in recovery tanks. - Excellent for foam control in pressure washers, carpet extractors, and any application where excess foam is a problem. - FIFOAM 4260 in the vacuum tank eliminates the foam problem associated with the use of extraction rug cleaning machines, wet/dry vacuums and automatic scrubbers.
 FIFOAM S1 - 7122
Silicon based - Kills foam immediately on contact. Use for control of foam in steam cleaning units. Can be put into vac tank or for more serious foam problems - FIFOAM S1 can be sprayed directly onto the carpet. More concentrated than competitive products. Not watered down. A few ounces will do the job.
 FIFOAM OEP - 3150
FOAM BREAKER - CONTROLS NUISANCE FOAM - FIFOAM OEP is used to "de-foam" water-based foam systems.
 FIMOQ STAT - 3521
ANTI-STATIC - eliminates annoying shocks and retards carpet soiling - FIMOQ STAT is a cationic antistatic treatment for carpet. It is easily applied with a hand or pump-up sprayer. It does not interfere with subsequent carpet shampooings. It can be used on all rugs and carpets not adversely affected by water. One application of FIMOQ STAT usually lasts four to six weeks, depending on humidity and the amount of traffic a treated carpet sustains.
is is a mild acid formula designed to remove chemical residues from carpets and upholstery, also neutralizes alkalinity, stabilizes dyes and helps prevent browning and yellowing. Leaves carpets cleaner, looking brighter and feeling softer. FIMOQ RINSE is very effective for removing shampoo residue from previous cleanings, old urine residues and treating coffee spots and browning. This product should be added to the rinse water to remove detergent buildup and to control browning. It may be used in portables and truck mounted equipment for clear rinsing or spray applied to carpets and extracted after cleaning.
- This gentle peroxygen stain remover and deodorizer powder is a powerful oxygen bleach cleaning booster for synthetic or cotton fabrics. Removes light browning. Safe for use on light colored carpets and delicate upholstery fibers. It also act as a deodorant as it eliminates a wide variety of odor-causing agents. Oxidizes blood, milk, nicotine, mold and mildew, coffee, tea, wine, and juice stains, it deodorizes by oxidizing sulfide odors. Compatible with all detergents - Environmentally safe.

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