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  FIPOLISH EP - 7033
PASTE WAX SOLVENT TYPE - A high quality formulation of synthetic waxes blended to yield a floor polish possessing the best characteristics of true carnauba wax. The product is extremely light in color, has excellent leveling qualities and high initial gloss. Also resists black heal marking, has excellent anti-slip qualities and re-coats beautifully. A product to fit into any maintenance program. Buffs to a high gloss, dries as fast as applied. Slip resistant. White in color. Contains no artificial colors or dyes. For use on wood, linoleum, cork floors and furniture.
 FIPOLISH U - 4252
LIQUID FLOOR WAX SOLVENT TYPE - The easiest way to maintain wood floors! Water free it protects and shines - High grade light, clear, synthetic waxes. Provides a superior floor wax for heavy traffic areas. This product will not yellow or powder. Economy, beauty and ease of maintenance make this product perfect for use in schools, hospitals, hotels and motels, transportation terminals, and food service areas. For Use On: Vinyl, Vinyl Asbestos, Rubber, Linoleum, Sealed Woods, Terrazzo. Color: Off White. Ready to use
 FIGLOSS MP - 4265
TERRAZZO & MARBLE CONDITIONER Terrazzo Seal is a tough, waterproof seal which preserves the life and beauty of terrazzo. - Scientifically formulated to restore original color and beauty to terrazzo, marble, slate and ceramic tile which has been dulled or mistreated. Provides a long wearing surface where soils are easily removed. - Excellent for banks, churches, public buildings, etc. with old hard flooring.
 FINOX - 3339
DUST MOP TREATMENT - An economical, easy to use method of dust removal from any surface. Treated mops and cloths pick up dust just as a magnet. When used on dust mops, this product replaces sweeping compounds and eliminates the dust created when using push brooms. This spray should be used whenever surfaces such as asphalt tile, linoleum, vinyl, asbestos, rubber tile, marble, ceramic, concrete, quarry tile, magnesite, cork and wood are dusted. Cleaning cloths treated with this product will clean and polish furniture, painted, plastic, formica surfaces and chalkboards. When replacing filters on heating and air conditioning systems spray the filters, thus reducing the amount of dust which again becomes airborne. Water soluble.
METAL LOCK - This high gloss, water emulsion floor finish is formulated using a blend of metal interlocked and cross-linked polymers with short chain polymers for a tough, crystal clear, film which resists repeated detergent cleaning. Will not powder or yellow, is slip resistant, easily maintained, will not black mark and does not require buffing to retain its original luster and beauty. This product is ideal for high traffic such as hotels and motels, schools, hospitals, airports and transportation terminals, and other areas where appearance and beauty are of prime importance. This product may be used to protect and finish vinyl, vinyl asbestos, rubber, terrazzo, linoleum, and marble floors. Heavy traffic areas may be recoated to blend invisibly with original coat without restripping entire floor. Highly scrubbable with ordinary cleaners. Strippable with ammoniated or butyl based wax stripper. Mirror-like gloss, detergent resistant, resistant to scuffing, anti-slip. Perfect for high traffic areas. Use with low speed spray buffing and high speed maintenance programs. Maintains a high initial gloss and can be burnished daily or on an intermittent schedule. With this polish a consistent high level of appearance can be sustained over an extended period of time. Up three coats per application may be applied with 30-45 min. drying time, depending conditions.
SPRAY BUFF AND REJUVENATOR - A Combination Cleaner and Finish for Spray Buffing that Cleans and Renews Floor Beauty in One Operation. - This emulsion contains an aggressive solvent system that penetrates dirty, dulled floor finishes so that they may be buffed or burnished to a brilliant shine. This product provides excellent cleaning action so that floor maintenance becomes a single step operation resulting in significant labor savings. Removes black marks fast and reseal worn areas. Does not replace necessary periodic stripping and refinishing of the floor, but does reduce the frequency of major floor cleaning. Keeps floors at peak appearance and protection at all times while reducing costs, time and materials. Suitable for all types of floors and all types of finishes. Prevents wax build-ups and discolored floors. - For use with 175 to 3000 RPM machines.
 FIGLOSS "Lave et cire" - 3062
BUFFABLE FLOOR FINISH - A completely new formula. Performs very well as a spray buff finish. This highly concentrated mop on restorer is designed for use on acrylic floor finishes with a high speed burnishing system. Effective on any burnishable finish, this versatile product helps the floor machine bring out a deep gloss on worn or scuffed finishes. Assists in removing soils and grime from floors. Easy to use and concentrated for economy, this product combines cost effectiveness with significant labor savings to make it the obvious choice for your floor maintenance needs.

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