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 FISOL EP 21 - 5131
SOLVENTLESS CONCRETE FLOOR EPOXY PAINT. - A new concrete paint that can be applied to old and new concrete to provide an acid resistant, alkali-proof surface tougher than that of the concrete itself. FISOL EP 21 is supplied as a two-container coating. Both parts A and B, which are mixed together just prior to application. Compound hardens at room temperature overnight, and once hardened will not resoften or melt. Especially useful in applications exposed to corrosive environments, such as are encountered in chemical plants, refineries, dairies, animal runs and food processing plants. Provides non-porous surface with abrasion resistance greater than that of concrete. This solvent free, epoxy coating is developed for maximum thickness and corrosion resistance with a minimum number of coats. FISOL EP 21 can be used as self-leveling coating up to 3 mm.
 FISOL EP 780 - 4114
HEAVY DUTY EPOXY PAINTS - FISOL EP 780 paints are two component epoxy available in clear and numerous colors. These epoxies have excellent resistance to motor oil, brake fluid, gasoline, water, corrosion, acids, detergents, solvents, alkalies, fungus growth, heat or cold extremes, and marring without losing flexibility and toughness. FISOL EP 780 coatings adhere tenaciously to concrete, wood, metals, fiberglass and any other surface which can be painted.
 FIRETHANE X 20 - 4221
POLYURETHANE - This is a premium solvent varnish specifically designed to penetrate deep within wood and concrete. Form a clear, high gloss coat giving superior protection against water, dirt, grease and other stains. This moisture-Cure Urethane is a high-solids aromatic clear urethane. A quality finish that cures by the percentage of moisture in the air. This finish has outstanding abrasion and chemical resistance and its high gloss finish cleans easily and outwears ordinary finishes. This product is designed to seal new or stripped floor. Use on : wood, metal, concrete.
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