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  FICLEANCID 12 - 3144
Porcelain & tile cleaner - Contains mild acid (Hydrochloric and phosphoric), wetting agents and solvents to remove scale from ceramic tile, brick, glass, showerstalls, etc. Removes: Soap scum, water spots, mineral deposits, grease and oil. Brigtens: Stainless steel and chrome. Cleans: Toilet bowls, urinals, ceramic and porcelain tile, tubs and sinks. This clear, non-viscous food grade acid detergent is formulated for the cleaning and regular maintenance of toilet bowls, urinals, wash basins, porcelain and ceramic tile, sinks, shower stalls, chrome faucets and fixtures, glass shower doors, stainless steel bath tubs, and water fountain basins. Use of this product will clean and remove water spots and mineral deposits, rust, grease and oil, and soap scum from, swimming pool bathroom surfaces safely and effectively. Will not harm paint.
 FICLEANCID A 18 - 4502
Phosphoric acid based cleaner and descaler; excellent for removing calcium and hard water scale from stainless steel food processing equipment; also removes light rust from ferrous surfaces without rerusting; cleans and degreases concrete, quarry and ceramic floors; colorless, practically odorless and non-fuming.
 CLINESOL 2 - 2860
Low-foaming concentrate is designed for use in automatic scrubber vac equipment. Excellent for daily cleaning of all washable surfaces. Rinses freely and leaves no film. Use in hard or soft, hot or cold water. Color Yellow light.
 FIPONOL U - 4229
All Purpose Cleaner. Medium foaming for hand cleaning. A concentrated 'neutraltype' cleaner with a fresh lemon fragrance, designed for economical use in daily damp or wet mopping of polished floors and other hard surfaces. Formulated with synthetic detergents for efficient, free rinsing qualities in all water temperatures and water conditions. Color=green
 FIPONOL XN 8 - 4672
Mild, synthetic all purpose hard surface cleaner with controlled foaming properties. Ideal for use in a variety of application methods including rotary floor scrubbers. Diluted appropriately, it gently cleans polished floors, walls, and other hard surfaces without streaking or dulling surfaces. Fragrance=Citrus. Color=Green
A vegetal soap based cleaner
 FIGLOSS "Lave et cire" - 3062
A unique formulation of detergents, soaps and synthetic waxes designed to clean and wax a floor in one simple, easy operation. Damp mopping with this product leaves a light wax residue which may be buffed if desired. Excellent for use on all types of flooring and especially on terrazzo and marble.
 FITERGENT S 92 - 3162
POWDER FLOOR CLEANING COMPOUND - Non caustic - Highly alkaline - Penetrates deeply into the pores of the concrete loosening and lifting out impacted greasy soils. - This new powder cleaner quickly removes unsightly oil and grease stains from concrete garage floors, driveways, sidewalks, carports, patios, etc. It will also remove oily stains from cement, stucco, brick, stone and marble surfaces. Excellent too, for removing surface oil and grease build-up from machinery, tools, farm equipment, motors, engines, patio grills, motorcycles, bikes, boots, etc Finds wide acceptance with automotive repair shops, and other types of transportation service facilities. Fragrance : pine.
 CLINESOL 30 - 2546
Heavy-duty, combines the penetrating action of a solvent with alkaline salts and detergents. Very effective product for hard to remove stains.
 FISOLVE BAT 75 - 3166
A concentrated, heavy-duty, low-odored solvent emulsion degreaser. FISOLVE BAT 75 combines the penetrating action of a solvent with excellent detergent cleaning properties for the removal of oil, grease, tar, light carbon and general soil from machinery, equipment, vehicles, plant floors, and walls. Excellent in pre-painting treatment to remove oily stains.
 CLINESOL D1 - 3080
A standard butyl based wax stripper. Will strip all floor finishes including metal crosslink type. This concentrated wax strip is designed to penetrate and soften old hard wax films to a soft paste that may be easily scrubbed away. Harmless to all surfaces not harmed by water, suds controlled for easy rinsing, economical to use, excellent all purpose cleaner.
  CLINESOL D2 - 3061
A stripper for removing plastic floor finishes that are very difficult to strip because of age, too many coats on floor, or high speed burnishing. Its high solvent content softens the film until it can be scrubbed off, pleasant to use, concentrated, for use in most severe build-up conditions. This product has been formulated to act as an alternative to conventional type ammoniated or solvent based strippers. It contains heavy-duty emulsifiers, wetting agents for fast penetration, water conditioners to retain its effectiveness in all water conditions, water-miscible solvents, amines, and alkaline cleaning agents. This heavy-duty stripper is for use on stubborn, severe accumulations which are resistant to conventional strippers. The product is pleasantly scented, non-flammable, biodegradable, has rapid re-emulsification activity, and cleans and degreases while it strips. The viscosity provides a clinging action so the product may be used for vertical surface stripping or for use on baseboards. This product may be used to strip waxes and polymer finishes from vinyl, asbestos, linoleum, rubber tile, and on marble and terrazzo
CLINESOL D 3 - 3323
 SUPER "NO-BUTYL STRIPPER" - Low foaming - Highly solvent and special alcohol activated to remove easyly heavy buil-ups-
 CLINESOL D 4 - 3446
Enhanced NO-BUTYL. This liquid combines a powerful alkaline system with potent, water-based solvents and wetting agents to yield a stripper capable of removing all types of metal interlock and zinc floor finishes from all types of flooring substrates. Concentrated for economy, to keep maintenance costs to a minimum. The ideal choice for removing heavy build-ups of old finish
 See : Acid cleaners, Alkaline cleaners, Neutral cleaners, Rug cleaners.

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