Serial AD
B-Hydroxyalkyl substituted amines - High molecular weight - Cure at room temperature (+15°c) - Better surface aspect than unmodified amines, but the tacky surfaces are possible with high relative humidity.
 FIDUR AD 45 - Standard - Low viscosity - Good flexibility
 FIDUR AD 52 - Standard - High viscosity
 FIDUR AD 85 - Better flexibility - Low viscosity - Used for paint on wet surfaces
Aromatic amine hardeners - Cure as low as 0°c and under water - No tacky - Hard and high gloss film - Due to the yellowing of aromatic amine FIDUR AF are not suitable for coatings having pale colors.
 FIDUR AF - Standard - Low odor - Suitable for use in air confined spaces.
 FIDUR AFL - Standard - Long pot life - To be mixed with other grades as pot life modifier.
 FIDUR AFX - The most reactive - Better chemical resistance - Cresylic odor only during the cure time - For use with very bad conditions.
 FIDUR AFB - Universal product - No odor - Similar to FIDUR AF but better chemical resistance.
Cetimine type - Long potlife (4 to 6 hours) - Very fluid - Ask humidity for cure
 FIDUR CT 122 - For hight build coatings.
Non sticky and glossy films - Cure as low as +5°c - Color more stable than SERIAL AF - For paints, caulks, floor toppings.
 FIDUR FCA 40 - Reddish colored - Fast cure - Dull film - Very suitable for Epoxy/coaltar compositions and as accelerator for other amines.
 FIDUR FCA 65 - Light colored - Good cure under water - Glossy film - Compatible with THIOKOL
Light colored products giving good elasticity and impact resistance - Good leveling properties - Fast cure - Good stripe resistance - They are good coupling agents for petroleum extenders.
 FIDUR NP 86 - Standard - Fast
 FIDUR NP 137 - Better color stability.
 FIDUR NP 140 - Very fast cure - Better flaxibility and impact resistance - Useful for adhesives.
Very glossy and no-sticky film - Cure as low as +5°c and with high relative humidity - Stable color same in white - Very used for solventless, or hight build, paints and self levelling floor toppings.
 FIDUR 432 - Very low viscosity
 FIDUR 433 - Best for damp surfaces.
 FIDUR 435 - Best flexibility - Better impact and chemical resistance -
 FIDUR 437 - Standard
Film are colorless with very high gloss and are not subject to tint change, they are remarkably light stable - Cure as low as +5°c. For light stable paints.
 FIDUR 503 BV - Low viscosity
 FIDUR 503 S - Medium viscosity.
 FIDUR FT 108 - For liquid epoxy resins - Flexibilizer - Highly flexible - Low viscosity - Good shock thermic resistance - For solventless coatings - self levelling floor topping
 FIDUR CA 64 - Aromatic amine modified - Low viscosity - Amber colored - For hot cure but may be used at ambient temperature with an accelerator. - HDT=144°c.
 FIDUR 500 D - Standard amine hardener
 FIDUR 500 TS - Better at low temperatures - More light stable.

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