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 FIDEODOR - 3104
LIQUID GREASE TRAP AND ODOR NEUTRALIZER. - Based on emulsifiable pine oil and orthodichlorobenzene, this popular grease and odor neutralizer has proven itself all across the country. - This product solubilizes grease and organic wastes in plumbing systems, grease traps, or on refuse container surfaces. Highly fortified with biodegradable emulsifiers, penetrating adjuncts and reodorants, this product is especially recommended for restaurant and institutional use. - Non-caustic and non-acid, safe on all metals; most successful when drip fed or automatically injected into grease traps, drains and interceptors on a continual maintenance schedule. Fragrance : Aromatic/pine - Flash point: 75°C
 FISOLVE 701 ST - 3431
FLOATING GREASE AND SCUM SEWAGE DIGESTER. - This 100% pure all-organic solvent will replace the petroleum distillates being used by many sewage treatment facilities. FISOLVE 701 ST dissolves grease, fats, oils, scum cake, and other organic matter found in lift stations, wet wells and sewage lines, grease traps, prevents solidification of grease. FISOLVE 701 ST contains NO petroleum distillates and NO emulsifiers. This material has a natural fragrance which makes it a useful odor counteractant, in addition to being a pleasant solvent to use. FISOLVE 701 ST works better than conventional emulsifiable degreasers in two ways. First, FISOLVE 701 ST acts as a "cap" in the lift station to keep odors from escaping. Second, FISOLVE 701 ST stays concentrated on top of the water to strip grease accumulations more efficiently as the water level rises and falls. An excellent alternative to hazardous acid or caustic drain cleaners, use it to clean and deodorize grease traps, drains, septic systems and any other problem areas. FISOLVE 701 ST will not harm bacterial action in any sewage treatment operation. Fragrance : Orange - Flash point: 48°C
 FICAN - 3334
contains a powerful blend of alkali and special activators that rapidly solubilize, dislodge accumulations and removes obstructions and blockages due to grease, fats, oils, soap scums, starches, vegetable, rags, matches, paper, hair and most other organic matters that may be solubilized by alkali. Contains no hazardous sulfuric acid and produces no foul-smelling fumes. For use in sinks, basins, floor drains, grease traps, slop sinks and cesspools. Periodic use keeps drains free-flowing and inhibits sewage overflow. Harmless to plastic or metal piping and plumbing, except aluminum, and septic tanks. Fragrance : Ammonia - Color: purple
is one of the most powerful and fast acting drain openers on the market. Provides fast, potent performance to clear blockages by creating a powerful exothermic reaction. Made with concentrated sulfuric acid and inhibitors, it rapidly dissolves clogs of paper, food particles, hair, grease, sanitary napkins, rags, soap, tobacco, coffee grounds, tea bags, etc and other organic matter, and many inorganic materials, lime scale, urine salts and rust deposits which normally stops up sewer lines, toilets, showers, bath tubs, sinks. Goes directly to the point of stoppage and liquefies the obstruction, breaking it down completely. Because of the enormous amount of heat and energy generated when this product is added to water it is recommended only for trained or professional use as special care is required in handling, storing, and using this product. - Color : black

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