CORROSION " Temporary protection"

 - waxes & oils
 FITEK SL - 3024
A LIQUID MATERIAL FOR QUICKLY REMOVING WATER FROM THE SURFACE OF METALS - Penetrant Lubricant, Demoisturant, Rust Preventative - ultra-thin film out performs many single purpose products. - Does not contain silicone. -
- PENETRATES : It's affinity for metals penetrates microscopic openings, and irregularities of surface even the tiny pores of metal grain.
- DEMOISTURIZES : lt's low surface tension allows it to force its way under water and to displace it on metal surfaces... providing a protective barrier between moisture and the metal surface. <All moisture is driven off>
- LUBRICATES : with a unique blend of lubricating ingredients, thus eliminating the need for silicones or old fashioned oils which leave a sticky or gummy residue.
- INHIBITS CORROSION : by depositing a long lasting, invisible rust preventative film which displaces and repels water. A thin molecular film is formed which seals out both water and oxygen. This film is remarkably durable and actually expands and contracts with the metal.
FITEK SL keeps motors and other electrical equipment in good operating condition, even in areas of extreme moisture and salt atmosphere. Prevents electrical failure caused by moisture, without affecting electrical characteristics. FITEK SL can restore submerged or moisture saturated equipment. When used as preventative maintenance, FITEK SL will prevent rust and corrosion of expensive machinery. FITEK SL is a water displacing liquid which is used after final rinsing to quickly dry metal parts. It may be used to dry parts after plating, pickling, cleaning, phosphating, or other metal finishing operations. FITEK SL will completely displace water from the surface of the parts including crevices and it will prevent tarnishing and staining.
- HARMLESS : To plastics, rubber, fabrics, and most paints.
A revolutionary new product :
*Displaces Water *Lubricates *Cleans *Prevents Corrosion *Penetrates *Long Lasting
APPLICATIONS: Electrical connectors, relays, circuit breakers, controls, communication assemblies, bus bars, guide rails, generators, instruments, tooling, hand tools, motors, oscillators, ignitions, transformers, transmitters, gears, machine tools, weapons, sporting goods, many automotive applications, production equipment of all kinds, mold saver, locks, hinges, threads, marine engines, submerged electrical receptacles, inprocess parts, sub-assemblies. Color : colorless
 FITEK SD - 3107
RUST PREVENTATIVE WAX - An easy to use waxy-type rust preventative compound designed for sheltered in-storage use. FITEK SD coats the part thoroughly, and dries to an almost wax-like film, which is easily removed later by one solvent cleaners. For the rust protection of metal parts in process, to prevent the corrosion of Auto-body, molds, dies, gears, hand tools, hardware, nuts, bolts, and other parts in storage. Color : colorless
 FITEK S 152 - 3169
RUST PREVENTATIVE WAX - FITEK S 152 was designed to meet the need for a corrosion inhibitor which would be capable of protecting auto-body, cast iron and steel parts in outdoor storage and yet be removed by conventional strong cleaning methods. For long term storage. FITEK S 152 imparts an integral dry film of corrosion proofing agents which will withstand long weather exposure. FITEK S 152 is similar to FITEK SD but highly concentrated. Color : colorless
 FITEK SB - 3128
A black asphalt type rust proofer - Low price - Indoor and outdoor storage. Color : black
 FITEK SCL - 3013
A temporary protective coating. Resists rust corrosion. - Gives dry hard no sticky or waxy film. Medium thickness - Resists to handling - Very high corrosion - Removed by solvents.
 FITEK SFP - 3103
A rustproofing oil for protecting steel parts against corrosion under severe storage or operating conditions.

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