CORROSION "Temporary protection"

- Plastic films
 FITEK PFS 5 - 4162
PEELABLE PROTECTIVE COATING - • Vinyl lacquer coating - • For use on non-porous surfaces, such as unpainted metal, glass or baked enamel, aluminum, woodwork surfaces. • Multiple thin coats insure good strippable properties. • Protects against rust, corrosion, salt, moisture, portland cement, abrasion, mars, nicks and scratches during shipment and storage. • Protects during stamping, reaming, assembling operations. • No solvents are required for removal because FITEK PFS 5 "peels as banana skin" from sprayed area, leaving a clean surface. • May be harmful to certain plastics. Test on small area prior to use. Colors : Colorless, white, blue, red
APPLICATIONS: Precision tools, dies, instruments, castings, highly polished surfaces (mirrors, lenses, stainless steel, chrome, anodized aluminum).
 FITEK PF - 3109
- FITEK PF 5 Aerosol version . Color : colorless
 FITEK VAC 1 - 3154
CLEAR ACRYLIC INSULATED VARNISH - Quick drying - Outstanding adhesion to metal and insulation components. - Protects against moisture and corrosion - Forms a protective barrier that seals against dirt and grime - Air dries to hard glossy, flexible, providing excellent strength. - Highly effective in resisting oil, acid, moisture, heat, alkalis and chemicals. - Excellent insulator - Use for heavy duty applications, electrical windings, surface exposed to extreme corrosion conditions, battery terminals, printed circuit, chromes, copper, etc...  Color : colorless
APPLICATIONS: Recommended as a coating for end windings of motors, field coils, exposed metal parts, bus bars, collector rings, phenolic and porcelain molded parts. Commutator ends, armatures, transformers, switchboard parts. Sealing electrical and electronic components, new or old stator windings, end shields.
 FITEK AC 10 - 7039
ACRYLIC COPOLYMER SYSTEM. - When applied to painted, plated or plastic surfaces it dries quickly to form a tough, transparent film. This film protects against weathering, dirt and other atmospheric fall out. FITEK AC 10 is used as an overpaint protective transit lacquer for new vehicles. FITEK AC 10 is soluble in alkaline water and more particularly with FISTRIP AC 1 - (7120). Color : colorless
 - Plastic films - Solventless
 FITEK PFV 1 - 4103
FITEK PFV 1 is a peelable temporary masking compound for the dry areas of paint spray booths, and anti-scratching and anti-scarring compound for aluminum, plastic, chrome and painted surfaces during assembly or packaging. FITEK PFV 1 is a plastic type coating with unusually tough film characteristics, combined with excellent tenacity to the clean surface thus supporting extra heavy paint deposits without falling away. FITEK PFV 1 after drying and setting up is a non-flammable film meeting the safety requirements. No danger of slipping when used on the floor areas of the booth such as when grease and emulsion types protectors are used. Don't use it on ferrous materials. FITEK PFV 1 is readily stripped off when no longer required, and is also easily removed with water. Color : colorless
 FITEK AC 3 - 3400
A tough, durable coating for temporary protection against scratches, nicks, etc., of metal parts. Solventless No flash - spray, brush or dip application -- thinned with water, dries in 5 minutes - Removed with alkaline water wash.. Color : colorless.
 - Plastic films - Hotmelt
Fitek PC are hot melt strippable coatings which are readily adaptable for use in the temporary protection of tools, gears and machined parts, during processing, storage and shipping. These materials are 100 % solids and are shipped as plastic briquettes. FITEK PC must be melted in an electric or oil jacketed melting pot. Parts to be coated, are dipped into the molten plastic, withdraw and allow to cool. The entire coating operation is completed in second. The dipped metal object is now coated with a tough, abrasive and shock resistant, transparent film. To remove the coating, slit it with a knife and peel it like a banana. Stripped part is clean and ready to use. Peeled FITEC PC may be reused by simply remelting.
 FITEC PC 4 - 3207
water white clear - maximum toughness, flexibility, tensile strength and stability. Leaves rust preventive oil film on metal when stripped. For protection of any metal object when a maximum toughness, flexibility and clarity are needed. - Melting point : 120/150°c.

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