FIHIB MA 1 - 7060
Water cooling inhibitor - Contains "buffering" chemicals tu unsure against rust, corrosion and sludges in the cooling systems, regardless of local water conditions. FIHIB MA 1 mixes with all quality anti-freeze, Harmless to rubber, aluminum, plastic, and all other metals, FIHIB MA 1 is designed for complete cooling system protection.
 FIHIB C 85 - 7136
ACID CORROSION INHIBITOR - Retard the corrosive effect of acids on metals during pickling, process equipment cleaning and oil well acidizing operations. Acid attack on metal can be retarded by incorporating small amounts with the acid, yet the cleaning action of the acid is not affected. FIHIB C 85 is non staining and do not precipitate on standing, it is easily to use. Scales formed during metal working operations must be removed without undue acid attack on the metal surface. FIHIB C 85 inhibitor absorb onto metal surfaces, forming an organic film that, under use conditions, acts as a protective barrier between the acid and the metal. FIHIB C 85 is used to protect the cleaned surfaces, reduce acid wastage and metal loss and prevent pitting and discolorations of the metal. Use FIHIB C 85 with hydrochloric acid, sulfamic acid, sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, acetic acid - Improved finish and appearance - Improved efficiency - Reduced iro
 FIHIB S 125 - 7985
High activity, water soluble, corrosion inhibitor for use in fresh water. Effectiveness at low concentration - For tank pressure control, Pipes protection during stoppage
 FIHIB M 42 - 7986
 FIHIB T 42 - 7987
High performance water soluble corrosion inhibitors - A replacement for sodium nitrite where the protection of ferrous metals is essential. Use in synthetic and semi-synthetic metal working fluids with no adverse effect on foam, water based aerosol, etc....
 FIHIB BT 70 - 7133
FIHIB BT 70 is a triethanolamine salt of carboxylic acid and is recommended for use in all type of water-based system, especially for the replacement of sodium nitrite. Liquid form - High solubility in hard water and ethylene glycol - No film formation - FIHIB BT 70 can be applied with advantages as corrosion inhibiting component of aqueous cooling formulations, especially drilling, cutting or laminating "biostatic" liquids futhermore of circulation cooling systems and power water. For use in metal working fluids and glycol based fluids, temporary surface protection against corrosion during production, together with metal degreasing, IN : Cooling circulating systems, engine coolers, hot water heating systems, heat pumps, solar energy collector, after metal degreasing, as an additive for anti-freeze compounds, short-term flash rust preventive for use in water/sandblasting of metal surfaces.
 FIHIB BO 36 - 7134
 FIHIB BS 36 - 7135

Non emulsifiable, water displacing rust preventative. The protective film left on the metal after evaporation of the solvent is ultra thin and highly protective. Excellent humidity protection - Excellent resistance to acid atmospheres - Weldable - Superior water displacing properties : displaces free standing water, emulsion, cutting fluids - Use FIHIB BO 36 and BS 36 in water displacing fluids, lubricants, protective waxes and oils, insoluble metal working fluids

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