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  FILUB SIL 6 - 3439/1
All Purpose Silicone Lubricant. A non toxic, odorless, high heat resistant silicone lubricant that waterproofs, prevents rust and will not stain. -
  FIMOQ'STAT - 3521
ANTI-STATIC - Prevents shocks due to static electric charges. - Eliminates static electricity generated by friction or atmospheric conditions on clothing, rugs, drapes, paper, upholstery, machinery and equipment in areas where combustibles are used. Will not stain fabrics FIMOQ'STAT is non oily and non greasy, dries instantly. Reduces dust attraction. APPLICATIONS: Printing presses, sheet cutters, slitters, rewinders, most plastics, paper machines, packing mechanisms, production feeders, leather, some rubber, glass, metals, paper, cellophane, cloth, wool, cotton, nylon, acrylic, and other synthetic fibers.
REQUIRED BY: hotels, hospitals, offices, churches, thread mills, hosiery mills, garment manufacturers, printing presses, bindery equipment, department stores, paper mills, general industry.
  FISOLVE IP - 3450
ELECTRIC CLEANER - Pressurized electrical contact cleaner. High-purity solvent instantly and safely cleans, degreases, flushes out and carries off soils, films and other contaminants from electronic equipment, components and precision-engineered parts. The low-surface-tension material penetrates micro-openings so components can be cleaned in place, assuring original electronic values. Will not harm rubber, plastics, insulation, paint or cause corrosion to metals. Used for critical cleaning of computers, printed circuits, precision gauges and instruments, motors, switches, relays, potentiometers, hearing aids, tv tuners, office machines, coin chutes, bearings, vacuum tube parts, hermetic motors, micromodules and more. It is water soluble, but without surfactant and is residue free. Flash point : 10°C
  FISOLVE 109 - 4740
GENERAL PURPOSE SAFE SOLVENT - This highly effective solvent may be used to clean and degrease precision components, electric motors, automatic pinsetters printed circuits, sewing machines, textile industry equipment, printing presses, rollers, blankets, offset type, watches, clocks, mechanical equipment, typewriters, and other office machines. - Can be used on all surfaces such as paint, plastic, rubber, metal, etc... . Flash point : < 0°C
  FISHINE - 4200
High gloss siloxane, no-wax, dry polish - with lemon oil - Simply spray on and wipe to remove dirt, scuffs and stains. It cleans, polishes and protects in one operation. Cannot produce wax built-up. It is colorless - Won't darken or change the color. Leaves a high luster finish on all surfaces, plastics, car dashboard, wood, metal, rubber, stainless steel. - No oily - Dries quickly and requires no rubbing when used.
This product is a unique formulation for the cleaning and maintaining of video display terminals. Contains a unique anti-static agent for a dust resistant finish. Its fast-drying, non-streaking formulation reduces eye fatigue caused by glare. Contains no abrasives or harsh chemicals to damage transparent surfaces. For use on computer display terminals, CRT screens, acrylic plastics, video game screens, TV screens, copier glass, polycarbonates, TV weatherboard screens, tracking station screens, plastic shields, helmets and vinyl.
  FIPRESS'AIR - 3149
Practical source of pressurized inert gaz at 8 bars of pressure - Eliminates humming noise in electronic circuits caused by dust and dirt and foreign particles. For removing dust, lint and other dry foreign matter from slides, camera lens, electronic equipment, printers, computer keyboards, timing devices and any other delicate instruments where dust can cause a problem.
FIPRESS'AIR can be used as a freezer by turning the can upside down when using. - Instantly freezes small parts in electronic circuits to - 40°C. - Excellent for electronic troubleshooting. - Aids in locating defective electrical parts or connections. - Isolates components in electronic equipment to and in locating intermittence due to heat induced failure. - Ideal as localized heat depressant- Quick freezes and embrittles chewing gum, candle wax, acrylic latex paint splatters and other materials for easy removal from all hard surfaces as well as from carpeting, upholstery, fabrics, tables, chairs, floors and other nonporous surfaces. Just spray FIPRESS'AIR on the imbedded gum or wax, wait a second or two until the gum becomes brittle, and simply pick it up from the carpet!
A REQUIRED PRODUCT FOR: All types of switches, bad capacitors, transistors, oxidized joints and junctions, communications equipment, Machinery assembly lines, aircraft precision tooling, computers, communication instruments, hospitals, laboratories and clinics, Schools, Hotels, Showrooms, Motels, Offices and Department Stores. Non-flammable. - Leaves no residue. - completely evaporates - no cleaning needed. The extension tube provides a precise directional spray for difficult to get at areas.
 FIMOUSS'NET + - 3392
FOAMING DETERGENT - A blend of heavy duty detergents and cleaning agents formulated into an aerosol to apply as a foam to any water washable surface. This ideal ready-to-use small area cleaner for thermoplastics, formica, chrome, appliances, vinyl, leather, stainless steel and enamel surfaces, woodwork, file, metal, and painted surfaces, removes accumulated grease, grime and other soils without leaving a dulling film. Contains no ammonia to ensure it is entirely safe for use on plexiglass and plastic surfaces. Non-flammable.

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