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 FI WC GEL - 4762
Thick viscosity bowl cleaner - Our best selling mild acid bowl cleaner. This highly specialized blend of detergents, wetting agents, acids and water conditioners makes this bowl and urinal cleaner easy to use, fast acting and very effective for the removal of stains, mineral scale and organic matter. Product may be used to recondition badly soiled bowls and urinals or as a maintenance product for regular housekeeping. The removal of these soils and debris will keep bowls and urinals bright, clean and fresh smelling. Contains an odor counteractant to kill most offensive odors. Non-fuming. Contains 10% HCL. Color: Green. Fragrance: wintergreen. Dilution: Ready to use.
 DECAP 11 - 4386 (see ACIDS)
A Heavy-Duty, High Acid Cleaner for the Extra Tough Jobs of Cleaning and De-Scaling, Plus Deodorizing. DECAP 11 is a water-based bowl cleaner which combines hydrochloric acid - at a high concentration - with compatible surface-active agents and deodorant chemicals. This combination of components makes this product very effective in removing scale and odors often found in urinals and toilet bowls. This material contains a very effective corrosion inhibitor which minimizes acid attack on drains and sewer plumbing. Phosphate-free.
Porcelain & tile cleaner - Contains mild acid (Hydrochloric and phosphoric), wetting agents and solvents to remove scale from ceramic tile, brick, glass, showerstalls, etc. Removes: Soap scum, water spots, mineral deposits, grease and oil. Brigtens: Stainless steel and chrome. Cleans: Toilet bowls, urinals, ceramic and porcelain tile, tubs and sinks. This clear, non-viscous food grade acid detergent is formulated for the cleaning and regular maintenance of toilet bowls, urinals, wash basins, porcelain and ceramic tile, sinks, shower stalls, chrome faucets and fixtures, glass shower doors, stainless steel bath tubs, and water fountain basins. Use of this product will clean and remove water spots and mineral deposits, rust, grease and oil, and soap scum from bathroom surfaces safely and effectively. Will not harm paint.
 FIRICIDE A 19 - 4987
A hospital type disinfectant cleaner
Used as bowl Cleaner, FIRICIDE A 19 quickly removes bacteria, rust, scale and uric acid deposits and related odors from toilet bowls and urinals. It also may be diluted with water and used to clean acid resistant fixtures such as bathtubs, sinks, wash basins, shower stalls, drinking fountains and other enameled and porcelain surfaces.

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