Powder cleaners

 FIBRITE 20 - 3303
Premium powdered pot and pan dishwashing compound. A white powder designed for manual cleaning of pots, pans and dishware; "high sudsing" with superior cleaning power. Penetrates, absorbs and lifts away burnt-on grease and grime plus other tough stains on ovens, oven doors, windows, racks, broilers, grills and stainless steel. Also recommended for ventilating hoods, splash panels, steam tabletops, pots, pans, fryers and griddles.
 FIBRITE 21 - 3393
FIBRITE 21 is a powdered Hand dishwash designed for heavier soils or harder water in virtually all food service warewash and cleaning applications. It contains high foaming detergents enhanced with performance builders to tackle tenacious soils on cookware, tableware and other kitchen surfaces.
 FIBRITE VP - 4912
Powdered H.D. automatic dishwash - chlorinated. Is a fast acting "non foaming" sanitizing powdered dish wash for trouble free performance in modern industrial dishwashers. This product is specifically formulated to increase dishwashing machine efficiency. Prevents scale formation in machine. Produces pratically no suds to impede proper spray action. Releases "free chlorine", a powerfull bactericide and sanitize and it will rigidly control bacterias. Because of its high alkalinity, this product is not recommended for aluminum wares
  FIBRITE STP - 3363
Powdered Machine dishwashing compound, "Regular":
Non phosphate - A fast acting, non-foaming, sanitizing powdered dish wash for trouble free performance in modern dish washers. Highly alkaline, yet non-caustic containing powdered dishwashing compound designed for automatic dishwash machines - Loaded with water conditioners to minimize scale buildup and "chlorinated" to sanitize and destain coffee and obstinate, food stains.
 FITERGENT S 92 - 3162 -
POWDER FLOOR CLEANING COMPOUND - Non caustic - Highly alkaline - The outstanding performance of this highly built detergent powder is fortified with wetting agents, emulsifiers and pine oils which aggressively attack and remove embedded soils and unsightly oil stains. Penetrates deeply into the pores of the concrete loosening and lifting out impacted greasy soils. - This new powder cleaner quickly removes unsightly oil and grease stains and dirt accumulations from concrete garage floors, driveways, carports, patios, asphalt, etc. It will also remove oily stains from cement, stucco, brick, stone and marble surfaces. Excellent too, for removing surface oil and grease build-up from machinery, tools, farm equipment, motors, engines, patio grills, motorcycles, bikes, boots, etc . Rinses clean without streaking, leaves no residue and fills the air with a pleasant pine fragrance. Safe on most metals, including aluminum. - Used in steam cleaning, high-pressure washers, asphalt and concrete floor cleaning and general cleaning of machinery, equipment, floors and walls. Excellent for garbage cans, shower room floors, mops, brooms, etc. NON-FLAMMABLE -. For most applications, apply let soak ... brush or agitate... rinse, steam rinse or hose down - Biodegradable- Fragrance=pine.
 FIBRITE CAR P1 - 4214
CAR AND TRUCK A versatile, free-flowing powder designed for use in manual and pressure washing applications. This high-foaming yet free-rinsing product provides excellent detergency to remove road film, insects, black soot and other soils from all automotive surfaces. High soluble, this biodegradable product contains special ingredients to keep coils, tubing and fittings free of build-up and operating at peak efficiency. - Can be used in all cleaning operations.
 FIMOQ P - 4769
DRY POWDER SPOTTER - In powder this dry cleaning product for rug is safe for use on most expensive carpets. Will clean and remove oil and water based spots because of the absorbing action of the powder. The various soils that can be removed are: ballpoint pen ink, beer, cake, candies, chocolate, cocoa, coffee, soft drinks, crayon, cream, egg white, grass, gravy, food grease, lubricating grease, grease pencil, hair lotion, jam or jelly, lipstick, make-up, marmalade, mayonnaise, mustard, lubricating oil, paint (if fresh), pencil, perfume, sauces, soot, tar, tea, tomato, typewriter ribbon, red wine, gasoline, shoe polish, ice cream, and similar stains. This product cleans rayon, wool, perlon, nylon, dralon, diolen, redon, Orlon and banlon.
 FILAV BA 300 - 3338
General-purpose cleaner for glass bottles washing.
 FILAV BA 714 - 3195
No caustic - Chlorinated with bactericidal action - Special for disinfecting cleanings in food industries - non foaming.
 FIBRITE AT 76 - 3064
HIGH ALCALINITY - Contains sodium hydroxide - General purpose - A good formulation for medium hard water - Quickly penetrates oil and grease - Very active - Do not use on aluminum, zinc. - For trucks, floors, water pipes - mechanical parts, etc...
FIBRITE ATNF 13 - 3025
- Heavily loaded with sequestrants, for use in very hard water - Cannot give scales - Particularly formulated for copper and copper alloys. Non foaming.
 FIBRITE AV 16 - 3069
- No caustic - No phosphates - Good with hard water -
 FIDOX DA 20 - 3057
- A powdered alkaline material used to remove fatty type soils, and at the same time heavy rust deposits, light scale films, and invisible oxide coatings from iron or steel. It remove objectionable deposits with no attack on the basis metal. - It does the work of acid pickles without danger of Hydrogen embrittlement. - Inhibits rust formation. - Is a combined cleaner and pickle. - The solution does not attack steel. - No smut formation - No flash rusting will occur on parts during storage or during transfer operations through the processing cycle. - Leaves surfaces clean and free from rust, only the rust is removed by the solution, while the metal is left clean bare and otherwise unaffected. - Eliminates acid dips. Reduces rejects. - No corrosive acid fumes to destroy valuable equipment. - No expensive lined tanks or "high price" heaters to install, just use any steel tank. Cuts equipment costs. - Used for a variety of large and small industrial applications such as de-rusting screws, nuts and bolts, workmen's tools, automotive parts, plumbing equipment, plant facilities, and many other parts subject to rust. The solution is excellent for applications where any change in dimensions must be kept to a minimum. For ferrous metals only.
- A concentrated presoak and destainer for plastic and other tableware for use in applications where the extra destaining power of active oxygen is desired. FIBRITE O2 PLUS has excellent stain removal properties. - Safe on any surface. Leaves no taste. Odorless, fast acting FIBRITE O2 PLUS cleans and bleaches and is safe to use on most fabrics and dyes. FIBRITE O2 PLUS safely eliminates food soils such as blood, coffee, tea, wine, juice, milk, nicotine, mold and mildew and removes stains from plastics, coffee makers, china, porcelain, dishes, coffee cup, floor, rug, carpet, swimming pool, dustbin, pipe, and many other materials.

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