FIPONOL freezer - 3525
Freezer cleaner and low Temperature Cleaner. This Cleaner is intended for use in sub-freezing temperatures where typical cleaners may be rendered ineffective. This product is especially formulated for cleaning freezer areas. It aids in the dissolving of ice accumulations, removes surface grime, dirt and smudges, and also aids in prolonging the period of subsequent ice accumulations in the cleaned areas. Color=Nil. Fragrance=Nil
 FIPONOL U - 4229
Advanced Formula liquid dish wash (For Hand Dishwashing) This is the finest dish wash you can buy. It instantly produces thick, billowy suds in hot or cold, hard or soft water. Silver, glassware, china and cooking utensils are washed without heavy rubbing or scouring. After rinsing everything has a sparkling newness because they're really clean. This advanced formula Liquid Dish Wash produces no hard water ring on the sink. It is gentle to the hands. Perfect for the basin washing of nylons, rayons and woolens. Contains no soap to dull delicate colors. Color=green. Fragrance=citrus
  FIPONOL N2 - 4639
An all purpose cleaner and degreaser concentrate that easily removes grease, wax, gum, dirt, oil, ink, mold, mildew, carbon, lipstick and other tough to remove soils. Simply spray or mop on and wipe off. This versatile product also makes an effective degreaser for concrete, cement, quarry tile and other mineral, non-resillient floors, cleaning air conditioning and refrigeration coils. Color=Yellow. Fragrance=Citrus
  FIPONOL XN 10 - 3444
Similar to FIPONOL XN 8 but to use up to 90°c. High foaming. Color=Orange. Fragrance=Floral.
  FITAX - 3313
Give high foaming ability to neutral, alkaline or acid detergents. This high foaming additive is designed to be compatible with all of our detergents (at concentration use) it will increase wetting and bonding of most detergent formulations. It will usually be used at the rate of 10 to 30 % on concentrate product. Ph of this product is approximately 7/8. Color=amber. Fragrance=Nil
 FIPONOL XN 8 - 4672
Cold or warm temperature detergent (up to 35°c) - Low foaming - This is a non-ionic detergent system which gives unusually good cleaning on a wide variety of surfaces. It can be used with excellent results for spot cleaning of walls, floors, plastic, upholstered furniture, stoves, chrome fixtures, whitewall tires, car mats, glasses, china, silverware and plastic dishes. Makes an excellent pot and pan detergent, etc. Its penetration of soil films is fast; and it will remove from many surfaces such things as black heelmarks, oil, grease, lipstick, pencil, crayon and soot. FIPONOL XN 8 is biodegradable and phosphate-free and has a pleasant citrus fragrance. Color=Yellow. 6 Fragrance=Citrus