ANTISEPTIC LOTION SOAP - A mild, effective lotion soap with a bactericide to help prevent skin infection and retard the growth of bacteria and fungi, sanitizes skin so that any contact with food or food contact surfaces are safe. It minimize the occasion and effect of severe dermatitis and common skin irritations Color : Red - Fragrance : Floral.
A SUPER FINE PRODUCT - A lotionized hand soap which makes bacterial reductions possible with normal use. For added protection of the skin FICLINE EXTRA contains antiseptic and is enriched with a super abundance of blended emollients.Color : Orange - Fragrance : Orange.
 FICLINE L - 3019
This product performs the cleaning operation with ease. Rich, creamy suds rinse from the skin without leaving a sticky residue. Good lathering. Color : green - Fragrance : Citrus
 FICLINE S - 4367
A RICH, THICK LOTIONIZED SKIN CLEANER. - An excellent shower soap. Safe and gentle enough for sensitive skin, contains skin conditioning emollients. Pleasant rose perfume is added to product to make skin cleaning more attractive, thereby, encouraging better hygiene. Color : pink - Fragrance : Rose
 LEMONGEL - 3327
ORANGE HAND CLEANER - A lotion type cleaner containing natural citrus solvents and polymer scrubber to whisk away oil grease, dyes, paint and other stubborn soils without scratching the skin. Its special emollients soften the skin drying without the lingering unpleasant smell of most solvent based waterless products Ideal for mechanics, foundry workers, dye & ink workers, printers, plastic, refineries, mining operations, or other light or heavy industrial applications. It offers a fresh spicy fragrance, hard-working cleansers and the highly desirable, non-clogging properties of polymer scrubbers. Color : Yellow - Fragrance : Orange
 FICLINE SV - 4992
A WHITE EMULSION, GELLED LIQUID CLEANER - Fast acting product that will completely dissolve dirt and oil. Rub in the thick white lotion to remove grease, ink, paint, tar, oil and other shop dirt. Just wipe off or rinse and dry. FICLINE SV is safe to use. Tiny plastic scrubbers clean excessively soiled skin without harming or overdrying. Color : white -
 FICLINE GEL M - 2832/1
EXTRA STRENGTH, industrial formulation that quickly remove grease, grime, moly, putty, mastic, dirt, paint, tar, shellac, printers ink, carbon, graphite, adhesives, crude oil and many other hard to remove stains. Contains A gentle soft polymer scrubbers. Used by mechanics, printers, gardeners, campers, etc. Can be used with or without water. Color=Red - Fragrance Citrus/pine oil.
 FIMECA - 3315
This highly effective waterless hand cleaner gel has been formulated using hard working surfactants and mild solvents. It has a tremendous skin cleansing ability. FIMECA will clean the most stubborn soils while softening and conditioning the skin. Product works with or without water. Its paraffinic solvent dissolves oily dirt, and detergent ingredients assist in soil removal. Color: Green - Fragrance: Honeysuckle.
 FIMECA M - 3315/1
AN EXTRA HEAVY DUTY HAND CLEANSER for hands that really work hard. This product is FIMECA fortified with scrubbing polymer particles for additional cleaning power and clean the most stubborn soils from hands. Color : Red - Fragrance : Honeysuckle.

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