GLASS CLEANERS {short description of image}

Easy and effective way to remove ice from car windows, refrigerators, locks, head lights, outdoor equipment or wherever fast removal of ice is necessary. Will not harm auto finishes or freezer compartments. Will not leave residue. Improves visability. Automotive, Buses, Trucks and Car Fleets. All areas where ice or frost formation is a problem.
 FIVITRE 1 - 3001
Cleans and polishes in an instant. Just spray and wipe away stubborn dirt, film, smudges, fingermarks, lipstick, crayon, and other soil from windows, mirrors, windshields, plastic tile, metal cabinets, chrome and fixtures. will not streak glass even in hot sunlight. Actually keeps glass clean, longer by repelling dust and smudges.
Our most popular window cleaner. A glycol ether type window cleaner. No streaking or spotting when properly applied. Removes bugs, lipstick, grease, oil, etc. Very fast drying. Will not fingerprint. Ready-to-use, no mixing or mess. This product is more than just a glass and mirror cleaner, it cleans and polishes automotive windshields and windows, chrome trim, cleans and brightens glass, mirrors, chrome enameled surfaces such as appliances and office furniture, removes film from porcelain, formica, and is safe on most painted or lacquered surfaces.Removes dust, dirt, smoke and film.
 FIVITRE X - 4671
This enterely new product is used to clean and restore windows, mirrors or the windscreens of automobiles which have been clouded by wheathering and ageing for a period of years. The original brilliance of the glass is restored. FIVITRE HF is particularly effective for glass which is frequently spayed by water. FIVITRE HF is used for regular maintenance or as occasional renovating.
 FIPONOL 35 - 3016
Ideal for use on large glass surfaces, Window Cleaner is a dilutable product that quickly cuts grease and oil films and leaves glass surfaces sparkling. Because of its special formulation, it wipes off clean and streak-free. It is used at an economical 1: 16 dilution ratio.
This product is a unique formulation for the cleaning and maintaining of video display terminals. Contains a unique anti-static agent for a dust resistant finish. Its fast-drying, non-streaking formulation reduces eye fatigue caused by glare. Contains no abrasives or harsh chemicals to damage transparent surfaces. For use on computer display terminals, CRT screens, acrylic plastics, video game screens, TV screens, copier glass, polycarbonates, TV weatherboard screens, tracking station screens, plastic shields, helmets and vinyl.
 FIDHER L - 3319
 FIMIST - 3381
Eliminates moisture buildup on: glass, mirrors, plastics, metals, safety lenses. Removes soil from surfaces while it imparts a unique condensation barrier that lasts long after application
POLISH FOR GLASS & MIRRORS. The ideal polish-cleaner for use on glass, mirrors, also for formica, metal, stainless steel, display counters, aircraft, boats, automobiles, plastic, ceramic, enameled, porcelain and vinyl furniture. Don't use on wood or grained surfaces. Cleans and dusts in one easy operation. It used to protect from water, dirt, fingerprints, spills, stains, acid vapors, etc. The polished surface resists finger smudges. A rich blend of silicones, cleaners, cinnamon essences leaves a clean mirror-like protective finish, plus a pleasant fragrance and provides anti-fogging propeties.

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