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  FIPONOL U - 4229
Advanced Formula liquid dish wash (For Hand Dishwashing) This is the finest dish wash you can buy. It instantly produces thick, billowy suds in hot or cold, hard or soft water. Silver, glassware, china and cooking utensils are washed without heavy rubbing or scouring. After rinsing everything has a sparkling newness because they're really clean. This advanced formula Liquid Dish Wash produces no hard water ring on the sink. It is gentle to the hands. Perfect for the basin washing of nylons, rayons and woolens. Contains no soap to dull delicate colors. Color=green. Fragrance=citrus
  FIPONOL N2 - 4639
An all purpose cleaner and degreaser concentrate that easily removes grease, wax, gum, dirt, oil, ink, mold, mildew, carbon, lipstick and other tough to remove soils. Simply spray or mop on and wipe off. This versatile product also makes an effective degreaser for concrete, cement, quarry tile and other mineral, non-resillient floors, cleaning air conditioning and refrigeration coils. Color=Yellow. Fragrance=Citrus
  FIPONOL XN 10 - 3444
Similar to FIPONOL XN 8 but to use up to 90°c. High foaming. Color=Orange. Fragrance=Floral.
General maintenance cleaner - non foaming - Liquid Extremely versatile. A chemical masterwork of liquid cleaning efficiency designed to expertly replace dozens of limited scope "special" cleaners. For painted walls, floors and woodwork, delicate floor tile, light fixtures, metal office furniture, motor casings, machinery, concrete floors.
 FIPONOL XN 8 - 4672
Cold or warm temperature detergent (up to 35°c) - Low foaming - This is a non-ionic detergent system which gives unusually good cleaning on a wide variety of surfaces. It can be used with excellent results for spot cleaning of walls, floors, plastic, upholstered furniture, stoves, chrome fixtures, whitewall tires, car mats, glasses, china, silverware and plastic dishes. Makes an excellent pot and pan detergent, etc. Its penetration of soil films is fast; and it will remove from many surfaces such things as black heelmarks, oil, grease, lipstick, pencil, crayon and soot. FIPONOL XN 8 is biodegradable and phosphate-free and has a pleasant citrus fragrance. Color=Yellow.
 SPIRMAX - 3441
Is a creamy, concentrated orange lotion for manual cleaning of pots, pans. glassware and dishes. Abundant lather gently removes soil without harming the surface. Rinses freely. Fragrance=Orange. Color=orange
Is a SPIRMAX in unit package (20 ml).
Powdered Machine dishwashing compound, Regular:
Non phosphate - A fast acting, non-foaming, sanitizing powdered dish wash for trouble free performance in modern dish washers. Highly alkaline, yet non-caustic containing powdered dishwashing compound designed for automatic dishwash machines - Loaded with water conditioners to minimize scale buildup and "chlorinated" to sanitize and destain coffee and obstinate, food stains.
 FIBRITE VP - 4912
Powdered H.D. automatic dishwash chlorinated. Is a fast acting non foaming sanitizing powdered dish wash for trouble free performance in modern industrial dishwashers. This product is specifically formulated to increase dishwashing machine efficiency. Prevents scale formation in machine. Produces pratically no suds to impede proper spray action. Releases "free chlorine", a powerfull bactericide and sanitize and it will rigidly control bacterias. Because of its high alkalinity, this product is not recommended for aluminum wares
 FIBRITE 20 - 3303
Premium powdered pot and pan dishwashing compound. A white powder designed for manual cleaning of pots, pans and dishware; high sudsing with superior cleaning power. Penetrates, absorbs and lifts away burnt-on grease and grime plus other tough stains on ovens, oven doors, windows, racks, broilers, grills and stainless steel. Also recommended for ventilating hoods, splash panels, steam tabletops, pots, pans, fryers and griddles.
 FIBRITE 21 - 3393
FIBRITE 21 is a powdered Hand dishwash designed for heavier soils or harder water in virtually all food service warewash and cleaning applications. It contains high foaming detergents enhanced with performance builders to tackle tenacious soils on cookware, tableware and other kitchen surfaces.
Special detergents for industrial short cycle dishwasher. - Heavy built-up, residues are quickly penetrated for easy removal. It cleans glass, ceramic and stainless pan without streaking. No-foaming - Perfect for drinking-glass and laboratory glass-equipment.
 FIPONOL MAC 2 - 4273
Standard formulation.
 FIPONOL MAC 3 - 3360
For use with hard water.
 FIVAP S - 2860
General purpose high alkaline cleaner - This liquid is especially effective at removing grease, oil, grime, dirt, acidic soils and carbon residues. This formula contains special ingredients to prevent hard water scale and clogging of lines, fitting and coils. 100% soluble and rinsable with water. This versatile product makes an excellent detergent for soak applications. Also recommended for ventilating hoods, splash panels, steam tabletops, pots, pans, fryers and griddles. Non silicated and phosphate free. Contains Potassium Hydroxide, do not use on aluminum. Color=nil. Odor=nil.
 RINCE AID - 3084
A rinse aid for dishwasher. A special formulation that will act as drying agent and eliminates water spots. Very low foam, good wetting and rapid drainage, with no break in water film. Rapid dispersability at use temperature, no residual haze or film. Bacteriostatic.
 FIDRO DNA - 3029
Continuous coil and tank cleaner. This is an additive which will prevent scale build-up when used as a preventive maintenance procedure. It can be added to the scalp or injected into the water supply.
 FIDRO AMS - 3159
Dry acid for descaling dishwashers, heat-exchange equipment, autoclaves, and humidifiers. Only becomes active when added to water. When is dissolved, in accordance with recommended dosage, it is highly effective in removing the majority of tough scale deposits, yet provides maximum corrosion protection of equipment while it functions. It can be used with practically any metal, including stainless steels. Safe to handle -- no fumes and less corrosive than liquid acid.
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