Concentrated, iodo-complex, broad-spectrum germicidal agent. Acid-based formulation contains detergents fortified with builders and solvents for thorough cleaning action. Kills most pathogenic bacteria and helps reduce the spread of germs via environmental surfaces. Contains a color indicator to show effectiveness; as long as the color remains, rapid and effective germicide action is assured. Removes odors at their source and kills residual bacteria that could generate malodors. Works well in hard water. For use on acid-resistant surfaces in industrial, institutional, commercial and medical settings. Use on walls, floors, laboratories, food processing equipment and ustensils.
 FIRICIDE A - 3086
Is similar to FIRICIDE AR, but without cleaning properties. Use when bactericide action in only needed. To sanitize previously cleaned and rinsed surfaces, food processing, clothes, equipment, algae control. Odorless and colorless.
Our most popular cleaner, bactericide, deodorizer, disinfectant, fungicide. . FIRICIDE AC is designed for institutional use such as hospitals, nursing homes and institutions where housekeeping will be of prime importance in controlling the hazard of cross infection from environmental surfaces. FIRICIDE AC can provide the assurance you need in this area when used as directed. For use on floors, walls, painted surfaces, sinktops, garbage pails, telephones, rest rooms, bed pans and operating rooms. Effective against Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella choleraesuis and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Also effective against pathogenic fungi trichopyton interdigitale. Fragrance=Lavender, pine, citrus, eucalyptus.
Cleaner, Disinfectant, Sanitizer, Virucide, Fungicide and Deodorant designed for Hospital and Institutional use FIRICIDE AR is a water-based disinfectant cleaner. It combines a non-ionic, surface-active agent and other additives with odorless quaternary ammonium chlorides to give fast-cleaning action and disinfecting properties. It can be used in schools, airports, hospitals, office buildings, factories, nursing homes and similar areas where disinfection against infectious bacteria on environmental surfaces is useful. Its odor-controlling properties can be used to advantage in restrooms and garbage disposal areas. ODORLESS - COLORLESS
Similar to FIRICIDE AR with descaling properties. Odorless and Colorless
 FIRICIDE A 19 - 4987
A quaternary disinfectant combined with Phosphoric Acid. Dissolves away the toughest scale deposits and stains. Ideal for use in toilet bowls and urinals. For bathroom maintenance. Use on tub, showers, sinks., ceramic surfaces and stainless steel.
Foamy germicidal cleaner and deodorant. Extremely high foaming. For use with high or low pressure foamer. The answer to all of your cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing chores in one quick easy to use product! Easily cleans grease, oil and soap scum from hard surfaces. Deodorizing, fungicide, mildewstat.
Ready-to-use, liquid, multi-purpose, spray and wipe, broad-spectrum disinfectant, antimicrobial and deodorizer. Virucidal, Bactericidal cleaner that kills hIV-I (AIDS Virus), Herpes Simplex Type I and other organisms with its quaternary composition. Formulated to quickly penetrate, dissolve and clean away soap scum, grease, dirt, grime, body oils, film and urine. Super-active foam clings to vertical surfaces to clean in hard-to-reach areas. Does not require rinsing and leaves no residue while freshening the air. For use on all hard, non-porous surfaces in/on industrial, institutional, commercial, residential and medical facilities, equipment and vehicles.
Super concentrate- Dilute with water from 1:50 to 1:500 - A heavy-duty room deodorant - cleaner with a heavy, long-lasting fragrance. For use in deodorizing the air and surfaces in public places with heavy traffic and odor problems, such as restrooms, movie theaters, lounges, motels, etc. Can be used to spray all air filters, heating and cooling ducts, carpets, drapes. Effective deodorizing whole areas. Odors=Lemon, Eucalyptus, Pine.
  FIRICIDE U - 3164
Is a high foaming bactericidal cleaner for manual dishwashing
A low foaming formulation with quat's. For use with bonnet rotary floor machine. Long persistent fragrance.
 FITROL - 3283
Pine-fragranced, phenolic-based disinfectant, deodorant and detergent concentrate. Excellent and thorough cleaning properties are achieved from the potent blend of soap, synthetic emulsifying detergents and solvents which removes dirt, grease, grime and oils fast, even from heavily soiled surfaces. Phenolic germicide provides broad-spectrum bacterial killing action to aid in the reduction of cross-infection on environmental surfaces. Quickly and effectively eliminates unpleasant odors, providing a fresh, clean, pine fragrance in the air. Non-phosphated and non-flammable. For use in hotels, motels, industrial plants, workshops, schools, office buildings and similar areas

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