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 FIPONOL 33 - 4350
This liquid with a crisp citrus scent makes an ideal cleaner for general purpose application. Its unique ability to remove grease, oil, grime, dirt and other soils which require alkaline degreasers. This product makes an excellent choice for cleaning bathrooms, showers, ceramic tile, cement floors, drinking fountains and is safe on fiberglass. Color=Fluorescent Yellow/green.
 FIPONOL 35 - 3016
This concentrated all-Surface Cleaner is a highly efficient formulation of wetting agents and solubilizing agents that attack all forms of dirt and grime. These agents are specially blended, giving a synergistic effect. It can be used on any surface. It is especially valuable where the cleaning personnel clean many different types of surfaces in the same cleaning assignment. With its fast penetrating action, FIPONOL 35 immediately attacks dirt, grease, oils and foreign materials and holds the dirt in suspension, until removed by wiping cloth, squeegee, mop or vacuum. It doesn't harm surfaces. It takes less to do the job, and it has the power to do the really tough jobs as well as the light ones. Deodorant Action deodorizes by removing odor-forming materials from surfaces cleaned.
This is the Most Useful Cleaner You Can buy for :
FLOORS, Asphalt Tile, Vinyl, Vinyl Asbestos, Rubber, Linoleum, Composition, Terrazzo, Ceramic Tile, Marble, Concrete. Wood Floors. Gymnasium Floors.
WALLS, DOORS, WOODWORK AND EQUIPMENT, including Steel Files, Lockers, Desks, Tables, Chairs, Venetian Blinds, Cabinets, Counter Units, Bookcases, Lighting Fixtures, Office Machines, Aluminum, Stainless Steel and Painted Surfaces. Porcelain and Enamelware. Glass and/or Mirrors.
AUTOMOTIVE, Upholstery, plastic and leather. Auto Bodies. Motors and Chasis. Trucks, Buses and Aircraft.
and many others. Color=Yellow. Odor=butyl
Color=green. Odor=Pine.
Color=Yellow. Odor=lemon-peel
A distinctive cleaner concentrate that cleans and deodorizes hard surfaces quickly and easily. Can do multiple jobs very efficiently. Use full strength or dilute for economy. Highly recommended for restrooms, floors, garbage cans, kennels, walls, hotels and motels, kitchens, garbage trucks, equipment, portable toilets and locker rooms.
Is a concentrated blend of ammonia and detergents, popularly used to enhance hard surface cleaning or stripping performance. More concentrated than household ammonia. Color=milky
 FIPONOL 17 - 3317
In unit dose (20ml). Highly perfumed with lavender. Very light alkalinity for hand uses.
 SPIRMAX - 3441
Is a creamy, concentrated orange lotion for manual cleaning of pots, pans. glassware and dishes. Abundant lather gently removes soil without harming the surface. Rinses freely. Fragrance=Orange. Color=orange
Is a SPIRMAX in unit package (20 ml).
 FIFOUR GEL - 3187/1

Used for cleaning ovens, grills or any food cooking or food smoking equipment. This unique gel formula allows product to "cling" to vertical surfaces for virtually unlimited contact time. This product will not give offensive choking vapors like other oven & grill cleaners. Contains Potassium Hydroxide. Color=Nil. Odor=Nil
 FIFOUR 21 GEL - 3322
Similar to FIFOUR GEL - but better penetrating properties. Contains Potassium Hydroxide.
Color=Nil. Odor=Nil
Oven cleaner in paste form can not slip form vertical surfaces. Color=white. Odor=nil
 FICLEANER CM 2 - 3280
This is a steam cleaner and kitchen degreaser designed to clean stubborn burned-on grease from kitchen and food service equipment, such as hoods, ranges, and ovens. It performs best when used through a steam cleaner at live steam temperatures. Dilution ranges from 10:1 to 100:1 depending upon application. This product has a good performance history in restaurants. Contains Potassium Hydroxide.
 FICLEANER CM 37 - 3341
This premium grade, heavy-duty car and truck washing compound is designed for high pressure or hot water washing equipment. Contains a highly concentrated blend of detergents, water softeners and other chelates, penetrants, alkaline builders and emulsifiers for a maximum effectiveness against a wide range of soils and road film. Free rinsing characteristics eliminate spotting. Contains Potassium Hydroxide.
 FICLEANER CM 38 - 3342
Similar to FICLEANER CM 37, but less alkaline.
{new} FICLEANER G 142 - 7072
Contains organic alkaline base no harsh hydroxides. No "Butyl". FICLEANER G 142 has the advantageous combination of strong cleaning power and low tendency to form a stable foam, it may be used for the cleaning of apparatus, equipment and containers, glass or metal, walls, ceilings and floors (garages or workshops), etc... which are contamined with oils, dyestuffs, pigments, fatts, proteins, starch, oils, etc. Cut baked-on oils. Colorless and odorless
 FIVAP S - 2860
General purpose high alkaline cleaner - This liquid is especially effective at removing grease, oil, grime, dirt, acidic soils and carbon residues. This formula contains special ingredients to prevent hard water scale and clogging of lines, fitting and coils. 100% soluble and rinsable with water. Though intended for pressure and steam applications, this versatile product also makes an excellent detergent for soak applications. Non silicated and phosphate free. Contains Potassium Hydroxide.Color=nil. Odor=nil.
 FIVAP 29 - 3010
The high technology in high pressure cleaner - Fast penetration of soils, effective cleaning of greases and oils
 FIVAP 29 ULTRA - 3010/1
Similar to FIVAP 29 but built to be used in very hard water. Leaves surfaces clean of all deposits. Removes light rust. High foaming. Certainly our best alkaline cleaner.
INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH CLEANER. - A multi-purpose heavy duty equipment cleaner, specially formulated to clean almost everything. Use on floors, walls, trucks, buses, trailers, machinery, stoves, hoods, ovens, whitewall tires, saddles, ships, appliances, etc.
 FIVAP NM - 4983
 FIPONOL MAC 3 - 3360
Laboratory and restaurant glass cleaner - Do not contain butyl or surfactant. - Non foaming -
Contains a powerfull chelate giving "sparkle" glass. Color: nil - Odor : Nil
 FIPONOL MAC 4 - 4979
Laboratory and restaurant glass cleaner - Do not contain butyl or surfactant. - Non foaming - Activated by solvent. - Non silicated and phosphate free.- Contains Sodium Hydroxide and chelates. Color=nil. Odor=nil.
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