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 FICLEANCID 10 - 3445
A truly universal acid Cleaner, detergent and solvent; non-fuming and high sudsing penetrating action; formulated with inorganic acids along with grease cutting detergents; excellent descaler for heavy calcium and lime deposits, loose mortar and concrete, medium duty rust remover, concrete etchant and cleaner; not recommended for use on chrome surfaces.
 FICLEANCID 12 - 3144
Porcelain & tile cleaner - Contains Hydrochloric and phosphoric acids, wetting agents and solvents to remove scale from ceramic tile, brick, glass, showerstalls, etc. Removes: Soap scum, water spots, mineral deposits, grease and oil. Brigtens: Stainless steel and chrome. Cleans: Toilet bowls, urinals, ceramic and porcelain tile, tubs and sinks. This clear, non-viscous food grade acid detergent is formulated for the cleaning and regular maintenance of toilet bowls, urinals, wash basins, porcelain and ceramic tile, sinks, shower stalls, chrome faucets and fixtures, glass shower doors, stainless steel bath tubs, and water fountain basins. Use of this product will clean and remove water spots and mineral deposits, rust, grease and oil, and soap scum from bathroom surfaces safely and effectively. Will not harm paint.
 FICLEANCID 22 - 3310
Is FICLEANCID 12, modified to produces dense foam which clings to vertical surfaces for maximum cleaning action. Use with foamers.
 FICLEANCID A 18 - 4502
Phosphoric acid based cleaner and descaler; excellent for removing calcium and hard water scale from stainless steel food processing equipment; also removes light rust from ferrous surfaces without rerusting; cleans and degreases concrete, quarry and ceramic floors; colorless, practically odorless and non-fuming. Very high detergent action.
 FICLEANCID A 64 - 4564
This is a combination of detergents, mild acids and solvents used to clean anodized aluminum surfaces
This pleasantly scented pink emulsion utilizes phosphoric acid to quickly and effectively remove scale, calcium deposits, rust, oxidation and other unsightly discolorations from bath tubs, wash basins, shower stalls, drinking fountains, toilet bowls, urinals, stainless steel, and other acid resistant surfaces. Containing no hydrochloric acid, this fast-acting formula offers versatility without unpleasant fumes. Highly concentrated to ensure superior performance. Safe on fiberglass.
  FIRICIDE A 19 - 4987
A quaternary disinfectant combined with Phosphoric Acid. quickly removes bacteria, rust, scale deposits and stains. Ideal for use in toilet bowls and urinals. It also may be diluted with water and used to clean acid resistant fixtures such as bathtubs, sinks, wash basins, shower stalls, drinking fountains and other enameled and porcelain surfaces. Color : Pink - Fragrance : Special.

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