Water proofing


 MASSIDRO P - 3201
 MASSIDRO L - 3202

Produces dense, waterproof concrete and mortars. Requires less water to mix dry materials, thus minimizing shrinkage. Lubricates the mix, making a more compact mass, with less voids. *. Permits the cement to "coat" all aggregates. Fills the microscopic voids with an insoluble water repellent compound.
 PHOBEX R - 4113
Masonry Water Repellent - Prevents water from soaking into a masonry wall. Apply to clean dry masonry surface in one coat. PHOBEX R forms a hard but flexible film with low thermoplasticity and high dirt repellency. It penetrates the surface pore-structure and alters the surface tension. This prevents the passage of vapour. Thus treated masonry can still breathe and moisture can dry-out through the surface. Efflorescence will not appear on a wall that has been treated with PHOBEX R because water cannot get into the wall to bring out the soluble salts that cause efflorescence. Require on coat only, extremely porous surfaces take two coats. PHOBEX R is guaranteed not to change the color or texture of even the lightest shades of masonry or limestone. Contains the maximum percentage of silicones. PHOBEX R is recommended for the treatment of all types of siliceous masonry including : * New or "green" concrete - * Mature concrete - * Aerated concrete - * Clay brick - * Cast or reconstitued stone - * Sand lime brick - * Sandstone and other silecious natural stone. Treatment will maintain the appearance of new or recently cleaned masonry by minimizing the penetration and adherence of water-borne dirt, soot and other deposits. Fungal and lichen growth is markedly reduced.
 PHOBEX S - 4216
Masonry Water Repellent - PHOBEX S is an aqueous solution of silicones which penetrate the surface and renders it highly water repellent.
PHOBEX S penetrates to a depth of 1.5 to 3 mm dependent upon the porosity of the substrate. PHOBEX S is suitable for application to most types of above-ground masonry, e.g. brickwork, concrete, natural stone, in particulat limestone, cement, cement rending, etc... As an aqueous solution PHOBEX S can be applied to damp surface provided these still possess sufficient absorbency, but generally speaking it is not as efficient as PHOBEX R.
For protection of masonry surfaces, PHOBEX SILESS (No silicons) is a favorite of the construction industry. This products contains metallic stearate water repellent compounds that resist water, dirt and airborne contaminants. Its integral protection reacts chemically within the substrate for long lasting protection and an in depth moisture barrier.
 PHOBEX HO - 5143
PHOBEX HO is a new generation, penetrating fluorocarbon resin sealer that protects concrete and masonry surfaces from moisture and deicing salt deterioration and oil stains. A clear, fast drying, sprayable liquid, PHOBEX HO leaves no detectable film and allows concrete surfaces to breathe. This product offers positive protection against, reinforcement steel corrosion and other damaging effects of road salts. Highly recommended for parking decks, ramps, overpasses, bus and truck terminals, airport aprons, exterior sidewalks and building entrances.
FICIM INJECT is a silicon based material that places an impervious film into old walls and locks the moisture ascending by the foundation. Fills the microscopic voids with an insoluble water repellent compound. For use: drill wall and inject the solution under pressure.
  FICIMDUR F - 3524
A new hardener which is alkaline. Fills all pores of concrete and plaster with insoluble and acid resistant mineral compound. - Improve water impermeability - Increase liquids resistance and in particular to oils. - Possess a good adhesion on the porous supports - Used on any traditional supports: cement, concrete, bricks, stone of careers, plaster, etc..

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