CURE 10 - 5042
An effective method of curing concrete surfaces by retaining the moisture in the concrete. Applied by brush or spray as soon after the slab is sufficiently hardened to permit walking on the slab without damage. Apply only one coat.
 CURE 15 - 5042
This is an acrylic resin base material that places an impervious tough film on the newly poured concrete and locks in the moisture. This action makes higher strength concrete because of the increased hydration of the cement. CURE 15 does not interfere in the slightest degree with the adhesion of asphalt, vinyl or other tile, flooring.
 FICIMDUR (Powder) - 5116
 FICIMDUR L (Liquid) - 3503

This Floor Hardener combines with certain elements in the cement to complete the hydration of the cement mixture, and to form hard, insoluble crystals in the pores of the floor which strengthens the wearing surface to withstand heavy traffic. It can be applied to new or old floors. FICIMDUR is made to penetrate deeper than most liquid hardeners, and quickly overcomes any resistance to absorption and penetration. Floors with a good hard-troweled finish may need only two coats, others tree coats.
 FICIMDUR F - 3524
A new concrete hardener which is alkaline. Fills all pores of concrete and plaster with insoluble and acid resistant mineral compound. - Improve water impermeability - Increase liquids resistance and in particular to oils. - Possess a good adhesion on the porous supports - Used on any traditional supports: cement, concrete, bricks, stone of careers, plaster, etc..

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