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  FIRETHANE X 20 - 4221
POLYURETHANE FLOOR SEALER WOOD AND CONCRETE SEAL This is a premium solvent sealer specifically designed to penetrate deep within wood and concrete floors, subjected to heavy traffic, to form a clear, high gloss coat. It creates the ideal foundation for the protection of floors from soils and abuse, improves slip resistance and makes cleaning easier. It provides the necessary qualities for application of additional coats of sealer or finish. This moisture-Cure Urethane is a high-solids aromatic clear urethane. A quality seal and finish that cures by the percentage of moisture in the air. This finish has outstanding abrasion and chemical resistance and its high gloss finish cleans easily and outwears ordinary finishes.
 FISOL SEALER 2 - 3219
FISOL SEALER 2 is essentially odorless, water-based product formulated with top quality metal cross linked polymers and light colored resins which provide a tough, clear seal and finish that is remarkably resistant to yellowing. FISOL SEALER 2 provides a tough, satin-like finish that brings out the natural color and beauty of floors and prevents dusting of terrazzo, oxychloride and concrete floors. Its penetrating action seals out dirt, water and stain-causing materials and helps prevent chipping, dusting and pitting. It preserves the beauty of new asphalt, vinyl, vinyl asbestos, and linoleum floors and revives and brings out the natural beauty of even worn, porous floors. It's odor-free, so it is an excellent product for use in hospitals, hotels and food processing plants. FISOL SEALER 2 may be applied with a short string mop or wax applicator. Average drying time - 20 minutes. Two coats are recommended on all floors where it is used alone as the seal and finish. Where used as a seal, with additional coats of a resinous finish, only one coat of FISOL SEALER 2 is needed.
  FISOL AC 5 - 4442
Solvent Concrete Sealer - FISOL AC 5 is a penetrating, solvent based, acrylic fortified seal for use on indoor and outdoor non-resilient floors. It penetrates deep within surface pores to form a clear, permanent coating which effectively seals out soils and stains, prevents dusting, and makes cleaning easier. FISOL AC 5 may be used on cured concrete, terrazzo, stone and brick.
 FISOL EP 780 VERNIS - 4114/1
It is a two component epoxy system that is designed to penetrate the surface for a complete seal and bond. - Prevents chipping, spalling and dusting. - Solvent based.
 FISOL EP 840 - 3168
VERY HIGH PERFORMANCE CONCRETE SEAL - Designed to reduce concrete dusting, Protects against scratching and harsh chemicals. Adheres to virtually any type of concrete floor. * Seals and dust-proofs interior concrete. * Supplies a tough, chemical resistant finish with exceptional hardness. " Has excellent abrasion resistance. * Gives outstanding resistance to effects of such substances as water, soap, detergents, alcohol, many alkalies, salt, sugar, oil and some acids. * Excellent sealing properties reduce dusting and wear for floors of concrete, particularly where heavy traffic occurs. * Coating is not thermoplastic when cured - resists "burns" from rubber tire vehicles. * Ease of cleaning and lack of maintenance should provide cost savings. * Ready for use in 16 hours. * A two component material that dries in six hours at normal temperatures - Recoat overnight * Working pot life of 12 to 24 hours, allows plenty of time for application. * Excellent as undercoat before paint and epoxy mortar application. FISOL EP 840 is not stable to light and can turn into brown color. Solvent based.

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