Is a mix of asphalt and graded mineral aggegate used to fill defects (holes) in asphalt or concrete floor. Requires no mixing, no heating .... no waiting. - Ready to use - Compaction by traffic or hand tamping. Use it for Industrial floors, parking areas, drives, Chuckholes, ruts and cracks in concrete, asphalt, brick, stone, or wood block.... indoors or outdoors. - The patch takes traffic immediately, becomes stronger with age.
 FITEK MSK - 3494
Masking gel - Surface protection before painting or plastering
 FIVIT 10 -
HYDRAULIC PLASTIC MODIFIED QUICK SET CEMENT- Immediately stop water infiltration - FIVIT 10 has the exceptional strength to seal out water for the life of the structure - Set under water in just 3 to 5 minutes.

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