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FISOL EP 28 are industrial high solids epoxy floor coatings, for new or old concrete floors, that exhibits superior chemical resistance to acids, alkalies, solvents, fuels, etc. These coatings provide exceptional wearing qualities, are economical and easy to apply. 100% solids epoxy is available for applications where high-build, chemical-resistant or anti-microbial features may be desired, (no fillers are added to artificially lower the prices). Various aggregates, or fillers may be added, such as, sand, gravel, silica, corundum, talkum, chalk, colored stone, marble, and fibers for special uses . The physical properties of FISOL EP 28 are much greater than concrete. Excellent abrasion and impact resistance recommend its for high traffic areas. All of these high solids epoxies are clear. Custom colors are available.
Some Typical Applications are : * Hospitals - * Boiler rooms - * Chemical facilities -* Petrochemical refineries - * Enclosed areas - * Factories & Warehouses - * Parking Ramps & Garages Auto - * Dealerships Aircraft Hangars - * Correctional Facilities - * Beverage Processing. - * Pulp & Paper Mills. - * Auditoriums,& Convention Halls. - * Waste treatment plants - * Mining facilities - * Chemical plants, etc.
These products can be applied at dry film from 1 millimeter to unlimited thicknesses.

Ideal for setting any quarry tile, brick, pavers and ceramic mosaics, floor brick and slate ceramic tile to any structurally sound vertical or horizontal surface ( plywood or concrete subfloor). Gives excellent bonds to cinder block and to any metallic or other inserts present.
 FISOL EP 28 CH - 5067
High chemical resistance - Short pot live (20 min.) - Light traffic after 8 hours. - Cure at 15/20°C mini.
 FISOL EP 28 BT - 5066
High chemical resistance - Not light stable and can turn into brown color - Cure under 0°c and in wet conditions - Pot life=40 mins.
 FISOL EP 28 ST - 5065
General purpose resin - low viscosity ) - For self levelling floors, cracks injection, gluing. Concrete injection that structurally rebond cracks, delamination and hollow planes in portland cement concrete, restore the structural integrity of concrete by fully penetrating the crack thereby allowing the normal transfer of loads designed in the original structure. - Long pot life (120/180 mins - Cure at 10/15°C mini.
 FISOL EP 28 SLF - 5028
Better light stability - Colorless - Cure to 5°C - Pot life=40 mins
 FISOL EP 28 G - 5068
Epoxy resine mixed with extender - Very good water resistance - long pot life (120 mins) - Cure at 15/20°C mini.
These kits are three compoment system - FISOL EP 28 BT or ST resin - 2° resin hardener - 3° Silica - Also included : Primer solution for better adhesion on concrete + Thixotroping agent for application on vertical surfaces + Impeller for mixing.

TROWELLABLE EPOXY FLOOR RESURFACER - A 100% solid, three component, lo modulus, epoxy mortar system designed to repair spalled areas, fill chuck holes, bolt anchoring, form overlays and establish grades.

SELF LEVELING - An easy to use, three component, 100 % solid epoxy grouting system. It is designed to seat base plates for heavy machinery, repair spalled areas, bolt anchoring, form overlays and establish grades.
 ALSO - FISOL EP 21 - Solventless epoxy paint and self-leveling coating - see PAINTS

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