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  FICIMCOL - 5026
Formulation based on polyvinyl acetate copolymer designed for interior uses. FICIMCOL prepares the surface to allow you to plaster directly to concrete, brick, block, glass, ceramic tile, wallboard, metals, marble and suitable structurally sound surfaces. Bonds to old clean surfaces without chipping . It is used to bond finish or base coat gypsum, accoustical or portland cement plaster to interior surfaces of cured concrete.
PLASTOCIM is an integrally added bonding agent to bond new concrete, portland cement plaster, and mortar mixes. It is an organic co-polymer (a white, milky liquid) which is mixed with varying proportions of water according to the performance required for the modified portland cement mix, i.e., tensile strength, compressive strength, tensile bond strength, etc. It also creates a hard, durable surface resistant to most chemicals and acids, imparts better water and weather resistance, improves curing qualities and reduces shrinkage cracking.
This super-latex resin improve physical properties as bond, compressive, tensile, and flexural strength of mortars. Tile grout and tile adhesives, concrete pipe repair, bonding new concrete to old concrete, bridge deck repair, water resistant coatings, etc. Mortars formulated with SUPER PLASTOCIM have excellent freeze-thaw resistance as well as resistance to deicing salts. Generally mortar toppings may often be walked on in 12 to 48 hours, and may take light rubber tire traffic in 48 hours; SUPER PLASTOCIM is added to portland cement stucco to reduce and in mosts cases completely eliminate cracking and crazing. Also for leveling before installation of some decorative flooring, such as asphalt tile, etc. Uses : * Patching concrete floors, decks, parking ramps, and bridges - * Grouting dowels on flat surfaces - * Lining trenches - * Repairing spalled areas - * Forming thin floor overlays and establishing grades.
 FICRYL E 77 - 3197
FICRYL E 77 is the top quality cement resin modifier. This is a water dispersion of an acrylic polymer specifically designed for modifying Portland cement compositions. Modification results in fast surface set, increased physical strength and chemical resistance properties, and greatly improved adhesion on old concrete and masonry, brick, wood, metals, glass and many other surfaces. Important application areas include patching and resurfacing, spray and fill coats, terrazzo flooring, crack fillers, underlayments, ceramic tile adhesives and grouts, stucco, industrial cement floors, and highway and bridge deck repairs. Theses properties suggest that FICRYL E 77 modified mortars will be excellently suited for exterior as well interior applications. Bonded assemblies are unaffected by water.
Flexible acrylic mixture designed for wide use where concrete movement is a problem. Ideal uses are moving cracks, ceramic joints, flexible adhesive undercoat on wood. Capable of forming very high bond strength. FICIMFLEX is also used as liquid applied membrane waterproofing material, repair material, etc.. for appartment house, silos, underground tanks, etc... It form flexible waterproofing membrane. The performance advantage are as follow : * Safe application due to no organic solvent system - * Application and good adhesion without considering the moisture condition of the substrates - * Excellent elongation, flexibility and crack resistance - * Good waterproofness, resistance to chloride ion penetration and carbonatation.
Polymer reinforced cement based mortar system - It is formulated with FICIMFLEX RESINE, selected cements, aggregates and additives. Ideal for patching and repair. Give rubber like membrane.
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 E 77
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Wet areas       x       x                 x
Dry areas       x       x       x       x        x
Max flexibility                x
Flooring        x       x       x    
Grouting        x       x       x        x        x

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