Concrete additives

 FISET - 5114
FISET is normally used to improve workability. The modified mortar and concrete are easily handled during mixing, troweling or placing, as ordinary cement mortar and concrete. The consistency is markedly improved at lower water/cement ratios. The modified systems show a remarkably higher water retention than the ordinary cement systems, this contribute greatly to the prevention of "dry-out", and also leads to superior adhesion to porous substrates such as ceramic tiles, mortars and concretes.
 FICIM 1020 - 5019
This is a liquid, water reducing admixture for use in very low slump concrete mixes. Because it gives better dispersion of water, the water can be reduced, thus increasing workability without sacrificing strength. FICIM 1020 reduce the content of mixing water for a given workability, improve workability without modifying the mix proportions. FICIM 1020 improves the release characteristics of forms, resulting in better looking pipe, lintels and blocks.
 FICIM AER - 5015
Air entraining admixture - Improves the workability and consistency of plastic concrete and reduces its bleeding and segregation. The main effect of FICIM AER is the great improvement it imparts to the durability in freezing and thawing. FICIM AER cause the formation of fine uniformly distributed micro-bubbles of air in the concrete or mortar, and remain after hardening.
Water reducing admixture and workability aid. The excellent dispersing action of this material allows significantly less water to be added to the mix and at the same time achieving increased workability. As FICIM 1020 help to achieve a workable and cohesive mix which can be compacted under the action of poker vibrator and vibrating beams.
Is and admixture which retards the set and the initial hardening of the concrete and keep workability for a longer period and so, increase the time required to reach the vibration limit.
 FICIM RETARD SURFACE L (Liquid) - 5142/1
 FICIM RETARD SURFACE G (Gelled) - 5007/1

Admixture which retards the set and the initial hardening of the concrete. Act on the surface of concrete to facilitate work on the concrete surface and give rough aspect.
 FICIM CCT - 5036
Chloride based accelerator - Primarly used in cold wheather concreting operations. Very effective in providing a substantial increase in early strength and in the rate of setting and reduces both the initial and the final setting times of concrete.
 FICIM NCP (Granulate) - 5113
 FICIM NCL (Liquid) - 5095

Anti freezing admixture - Accelerates setting times but moderately accelerates hardening. Added to the mixing water concrete in order to lower the freezing point of the aqueous solution. FICIM NC is used for cast in place concrete, reinforced concrete, precast monolithic structures, joints of precast units, and others at ambiant air or ground temperature below 5°C and minimum daily temperatures below 0°c and down to -7°c to -10°c.
 MASSIDRO P (Powder) - 3201
 MASSIDRO L (Liquid) - 3202

Produces dense, waterproof concrete and mortars. Requires less water to mix dry materials, thus minimizing shrinkage. Lubricates the mix, making a more compact mass, with less voids. Permits the cement to "coat" all aggregates. Fills the microscopic voids with an insoluble water repellent compound. The internal pores and capillarities of concrete and mortar are coated with a water repellent compound imparting a reduced capillary action to the cured concrete or mortar.

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