ALGICIDE NM - 3436
Non-foaming quaternary algaecide for swimming pools
  FIRICIDE AG - 3170
A highly concentrated quaternary algaecide which helps maintain pools free of unsightly algae and organic growth; non-staining, odorless and tasteless at use dilutions. Kill algaes on roofs
  FIRICIDE 45 - 3480
is a very effective phenolic fungicidal and bactericidal agent, it is used to prevent de spoilage of numerous organic liquids and pastes, such as glue, sizings, adhesives, cutting oil emulsions, water cooling tower, water circuits. FIRICIDE 45 inhibit the growth of mildews on fibers, wallboard, etc... and kill algaes on roofs. Non foaming.
Kill algaes on roofs. - Better water resistant than FIRICIDE AG.

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