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 MAXICAR 25 - 3481
MAXICAR 25 is a breakthrough for commercial vehicle cleaning. Its balanced blend of biodegradable surfactants and detergent builders electrochemically penetrate and remove road film from vehicles without brushing. MAXICAR 25 is effective using either hot or cold water pressure washers. MAXICAR 25 is safe for use on all vehicle surfaces including trucks, automobiles and heavy road equipment. Its new and improved formula provides excellent foam and rinsing characteristics
 FIBRITE CAR P1 - 4214
CAR AND TRUCK A versatile, free-flowing powder designed for use in manual and pressure washing applications. This high-foaming yet free-rinsing product provides excellent detergency to remove road film, insects, black soot and other soils from all automotive surfaces. High soluble, this biodegradable product contains special ingredients to keep coils, tubing and fittings free of build-up and operating at peak efficiency.
 FIVAP 36 - 4429
A premium high ph detergent that is the choice of car wash professionals. Suitable for use with the metering systems used in tunnel washes. May be used with both brush type and brushless systems. Quickly removes road film, bugs, and other road soils. Contains degreasing agents to remove soot and exhaust film. CAR WASH * TRUCK WASH * MACHINERY WASH * MOTORCYCLES * CAMPERS * MOTOR HOMES * FARM IMPLEMENTS * COIN OPERATED * HIGH PRESSURE * TUNNEL WASHES
 FICLEANER CM 37 - 3341
This premium grade, heavy-duty car and truck washing compound is designed for high pressure or hot water washing equipment. Contains a highly concentrated blend of detergents, water softeners and other chelates, penetrants, alkaline builders and emulsifiers for a maximum effectiveness against a wide range of soils and road film. Free rinsing characteristics eliminate spotting. Contains Potassium Hydroxide.
 FICLEANER CM 38 - 3342
Similar to FICLEANER CM 37, but less alkaline.
 FITAX - 3313
Give high foaming ability to neutral, alkaline or acid detergents. This high foaming additive is designed to be compatible with all of our detergents (at concentration use) it will increase wetting and bonding of most detergent formulations. It will usually be used at the rate of 10 to 30 % on concentrate product. Ph of this product is approximately 7/8. Color=amber. Fragrance=Nil
 MAXICAR 25 - 3481
  FIPONOL 35 - 3016
This concentrated all-Surface Cleaner is a highly efficient formulation of wetting agents and solubilizing agents that attack all forms of dirt and grime. These agents are specially blended, giving a synergistic effect. It can be used on any surface. Upholstery, plastic and leather. Auto Bodies. Motors and Chassis. Trucks, Buses and Aircraft. Low alkalinity.
 FIPONOL U - 4229
Advanced Formula It instantly produces thick, billowy suds in hot or cold, hard or soft water. This advanced formula produces no hard water ring. It is gentle to the hands. Color=green. Fragrance=citrus - Neutral
 FIPONOL N2 - 4639
An all purpose cleaner and degreaser concentrate that easily removes grease, wax, gum, dirt, oil, and other tough to remove soils. Color=Yellow. Fragrance=Citrus - Neutral
 FIDOX AL 4 - 4385
ALUMINUM BRIGHTENER: A proven product for removing oxidation and brightening aluminum and painted metal surfaces - contains hydrofluoric acid, so avoid contact with glass
 FIDOX AL 5 - 3050
ALUMINUM CLEANER & BRIGHTENER This formula is designed to brighten aluminum and aluminum alloys. It is a balanced compound that penetrates and dissolves oxidized surface film, bringing out the natural luster of the metal. Excellent for continuous maintenance of aluminum and alloy highway trailers and mobile homes, stainless trailers and aluminum building panels, maintaining an attractive, clean appearance. - - contains hydrofluoric acid, so avoid contact with glass.
Foaming detergent for use with brushing equipment.

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