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 FITEK SD - 3107
RUST PREVENTATIVE WAX - An easy to use waxy-type rust preventative compound designed for sheltered in-storage use. FITEK SD coats the part thoroughly, and dries to an almost wax-like film, which is easily removed later by one solvent cleaners. For the rust protection of metal parts in process, to prevent the corrosion of Auto-body, molds, dies, gears, hand tools, hardware, nuts, bolts, and other parts in storage.
 FITEK S 152 - 3169
RUST PREVENTATIVE WAX - FITEK S 152 was designed to meet the need for a corrosion inhibitor which would be capable of protecting auto-body, cast iron and steel parts in outdoor storage and yet be removed by conventional strong cleaning methods. For long term storage. FITEK S 152 imparts an integral dry film of corrosion proofing agents which will withstand long weather exposure. FITEK S 152 is similar to FITEK SD but highly concentrated and more adapted for long storages.
 FITEK AC 10 - 7039
An acrylic solvent based coating to be sprayed on exposed car body, metal, machinery, pipes, etc. Prevents rust on clean dry surfaces, protects against atmospheric injuries. A quick and easy means to professionally protect cars, trucks and tractors against rust, corrosion. Provides outdoor rust prevention. Developed for a truly long term rust preventative for use in severe climatic conditions for protecting outdoor equipment. Improved durability and weather erosion resistance of coating. Lower dirt pick-up during storage. This product leaves a thin film that is easily removed by alkaline base cleaners that avoid paintwork, trim and decal damage. More economic use of removers compared with conventional wax removal solvents - No problem from solvent discharge to drains and effluent systems. - It should be considered for your more difficult protection needs. Allows outdoor storage of parts, not effected by rain or damp weather. Removed by FISTRIP AC 1 - Color : colorless.
 FITEK AC 3 - 3400
A tough, durable coating for temporary protection against scratches, nicks, etc., of metal parts and car body . Solventless No flash - spray, brush or dip application -- thinned with water, dries in 5 minutes - This water based varnish give protection and enhance product presentation. Removed with alkaline water wash that avoid paintwork, trim and decal damage. More economic use of removers compared with conventional wax removal solvents - No problem from solvent discharge to drains and effluent systems. - .. Color : colorless.
 FISTRIP AC 1 - 7120
HOT & COLD REMOVER for ACRYLIC TEMPORARY PROTECTIVE COATINGS - Faster removal with minimal smearing and secondary polishing - No problems from solvent discharge to drains and effluent systems - No fire risk from remover storage - Lightly gelatinized to "cling" to vertical surfaces for better contact time. Particularly recommended for FITEK AC 10 and FITEK AC 3
 FISOLVE DEP 48 - 4235
WATER SOLUBLE SOLVENT DEGREASER BY COLD WASH METHOD - A special blend of high grade solvents, developped especially to meet the highest requirements of professional auto-body cleaners. - Penetrates greases and protective waxes in just a few minutes. - saves time and labor. Effective! Contains Super Orthodichloro-benzene to remove the most stubborn sludge, grease, protective wax deposits from autobody. • Simple to use. - Free rinsing with either hot or cold water
See : Solvents, cleaners.
 FISOLVE 102 - 3430
MOTOR STARTING FUID. - Especially designed for starting trucks, cars. aircraft, snow blowers, construction equipment and other gasoline or diesel engines. Helps save batteries and ignition systems.
CHOKE & CARBURETOR CLEANER - This combination of very strong solvents is formulated to quickly and easily remove dirt, carbon, greases, gum and varnish deposits that tend to build up on the moving and sealing surfaces of engine carburetors, heat valves and automatic chokes. Periodic use on cars, trucks, airplanes, boats, lawnmowers, etc., will keep them clean, fuel efficient and trouble free. It can even be used on running engines. This product is formulated for high performance without chlorinated solvents. Removes varnish and gum, eliminates stalling and rough Idling. Contains no lead, phosphorous, silicone or alcohol, will not harm oxygen sensors, catalytic converters or fuel injection systems.
 FISOLVE 132 - 4628
GASKET REMOVER This unique aerosol is a fast acting solvent based product that performs many functions in a single formula. It removes paint, gaskets, even varnish and adhesive. Quickly dissolves and loosens even baked-on gaskets. - Simplifies removing oil pan, transmission cover, valve cover and other gaskets. - Quickly dissolves cements sealants, dried oil, paint, carbon deposits and grease. - Prepares metal surfaces for tight seal on new gaskets. - Reduces scraping effort and possible damage to metal surfaces. Excellent for use in paint and body shops, craft and hobby stores, even marine and aircraft maintenance. Flash point : non-flammable. Not safe on plastics and paints.
 FISOLV' freins - 3519
BRAKE & PARTS CLEANER - This solvent is used to remove brake fluid, grease, oil and other contaminants from brake linings and drums. It can be used safely on disc pads, drums, cylinders and springs. This product is a high pressure spray that blasts away dirt, grease, oil and dangerous deposits that cause excessive wear to brake mechanisms. Dries fast-non-corrosive to metal. Excellent all around metal parts cleaner. Flash point : < 0°c
 FISTRIP 140 L - 3026/1
CARBON REMOVER - This stripper is used for removing, carbon and resins like coatings, from automotive engine parts such as carburators, valves and other functional rods, gears, etc... Toxic contains Phenol and dichloromethane.
 FISTRIP CR 2 - 7099
EXTRA LONG LASTING CARBURETOR ,CARBON AND PARTS CLEANER - Is a non phenolic - non toxic - carbon remover. Used for light duty works in hot tank. This product perform in warm climate areas where other products lose their potency immediately, relative low odor.
 FISOLVE 40 GEL - 3508
ENGINE DEGREASER A thick gelled solvent containing penetrants, emulsifiers and detergents. Clings to vertical surfaces. Excellent for removal of heavy grease type soils, including tar, asphalt, creosote, etc., from engines, heavy moving equipment, parts and many other applications. May be flushed off with water, or pressure washer with mild detergent.
 FISOLVE 14 - 4492
GELLED ENGINE DEGREASER This powerful blend of all organic solvents comes in gelled form when diluted with water. It is formulated for the removal of oil, grease, tar, asphalt, creosote, dirt and grime. Gelling action allows for easy degreasing of vertical surfaces. Simply spray on and wash off.
 FITEK SL - 3024
FITEK SL keeps motors and other electrical equipment in good operating condition, even in areas of extreme moisture and salt atmosphere. Prevents electrical failure caused by moisture, without affecting electrical characteristics. FITEK SL can restore submerged or moisture saturated equipment. When used as preventative maintenance, FITEK SL will prevent rust and corrosion of expensive machinery. A revolutionary new product: *Displaces Water *Lubricates *Cleans *Prevents Corrosion *Penetrates *Long Lasting
 FILUB SIL G 6 - 3439
NO DROP POINT SILICON GREASE - Ideal for the protection of Battery Terminal, sparking-plug.
See : Acids, Water treatments.
 FIDRO AMS - 3159
A dry acid compound used to remove scale,oxide films, rust, from Auto-radiators, boilers, industrial washers, hard water scale and rust from air conditioning equipment, brewing equipment, FIDRO AMS is soluble in water, approaches the strength of hydrochloric and sulfuric acids, and avoids the danger of handling liquid acids. Scale removal rate is increased at elevated temperatures. Since FIDRO AMS is a powder, it may be handled by unskilled personnel with no special equipment, thus reducing potential hazards associated with liquid acids, Only becomes active when added to water. FIDRO AMS solutions are used on steel, cast iron, malleable iron, stainless steel, brass, copper and zinc base die castings. SAFER TO HANDLE. Not irritating to dry skin. No hazardous or corrosive fumes, either dry or when in solution. SAFER TO EQUIPMENT. Extraordinarily high amount of inhibitors renders equipment passive to attack during the de-scaling process.
 DECAP 11 - 4386
DUTY DESCALER An inhibited hydrochloric acid descaler for extremely severe scale and rust; contains wetting agents and filming inhibitors to minimize attack on ferrous surfaces; an excellent descaler for radiators, steam cleaning machines when used properly
 FIDRO RN - 7024
"Rust Inhibiting Rinse." Designed for use after descalling operation. Leaves a light protective film to inhibit rusting of steel parts.
 FILUB TY 1 - 3522
Special lubricant for mouting tyres on wheels - Siliconless - Pearly cream.
Special, no-wax polish that is water resistant. Use on bumpers, tyres, tops.
 FISTICK - 4310
STOPS BELT SLIPPING AND POWER LOSS. - Prevents belt overheating and premature failure. - Reduces squealing and belt noise. - Improves machine operation and efficiency. - Keeps all belt-driven equipment at peak operating efficiency. - Increases pulling power up to 50%. - Performs effectively in wet, outdoor conditions. Adds more power, eases strain on bearings, bushings, and stops squealing. This product works particularly well on rubber, leather, canvas, or fabric belts, flat, round or "V" belts, auto fan belts, farm machinery belting, all industrial belt drives.. An excellent product for any garage or maintenance shop.
Prevents ice formation in brake pipes.

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