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WINDSHIELD WASHER SOLVENT A concentrated window washing solvent and deicer. In winter time, use as a deicer. In summertime use as a windshield cleaner. Helps clean off road film, oil, bugs. dirt. Will not streak, harm most plastic, paint, metal or rubber. Defrosts and prevents re-icing, cleans dirt, dust and grime, improves visibility and safety. This product is formulated with special de-icing compounds to prevent freezing of windshield washer units and windshield wipers.
This instant action aerosol windshield deicer has fantastic penetrating action to remove all ice formation. Conveniently melts ice and frost from: * Windshields * Icy Steps * Door Locks * Outdoor Equipment *Refrigerator Units * Headlights Wherever fast removal of ice is necessary. Will not harm automobile finishes or freezer compartments. Does not leave a residue on windshields or headlights - actually improves visibility. When used regularly, FIDEGIVRE helps prevent ice and frost from forming. Automotive, Buses, Trucks and Car Fleets. All areas where ice or frost formation is a problem.
 FIMIST - 3381
Anti-Fog Mist. Eliminates moisture buildup on: . glass . mirrors .plastics . metals . safety lenses. Removes soil from surfaces while it imparts a unique condensation barrier that lasts long after application
A glycol ether/Isopropanol type window cleaner. No streaking or spotting when properly applied. Removes bugs, lipstick, grease, oil, etc. Very fast drying. Will not fingerprint. Cleans glass, mirrors, chrome, and appliances. Removes dust, dirt, smoke and film. Ready-to-use, no mixing or mess. This product is more than just a glass and mirror cleaner, it cleans and polishes automotive windshields and windows, chrome trim, cleans and brightens enameled surfaces such as appliances and office furniture, removes film from porcelain, formica, and is safe on most painted or lacquered surfaces.
 FIVITRE HF - 7121
This entirely new product is used to clean and restore windows, mirrors or the windscreens of automobiles which have been clouded by weathering and ageing for a period of years. The original brilliance of the glass is restored. FIVITRE HF is particularly effective for glass which is frequently spayed by water. FIVITRE HF is used for regular maintenance or as occasional renovating. - . Acid product.

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