AIR FRESHENERS {fleur2.gif}

 AIRGEL - 4058
Organic Gel. Free of all organic solvents. To be used alone, or in conjunction with fan operated dispensers. When used with a fan dispenser the gel will last 30 days. Ideal for patient care, restrooms, offices and food service. Odors=Mint, Marine, Apple, fruitty.
 AIR SUPER 2 - 3433
Glycolized air sanitizer. The blend of glycols and quaternary ammonium chlorides gives excellent control of unpleasant odors. Especially suited for use in washrooms, auditoriums, public rooms, hotel lobbies, theaters, hospitals, classrooms, railroads, airplanes, buses, taxicabs, sitting rooms, locker rooms, factories, department stores. AIR SUPER will aid in the controlling of odors such as body odors, stale smoke, cooking odors, etc. Frequent use will provide refreshed, pleasant air all day. Odors=Mint, Citrus.
Heavy duty odor counteractant and neutralizer that react chemically with the odor molecule, changing its characteristics, suppressing the cause of the odor and oxidizing malodor chemicals into odor-free by-products. Highly effective in combatting all types of malodors; eliminates tobacco smoke, cooking odors, mold and mildew odors. For use in hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants, hotels/motels, schools, locker rooms, offices, smoking areas and other places bad odors occur. Break odor, do not mask it.
FI-N-ODOR 100 - 7117
Highly concentrated - Water insoluble - Soluble in solvent. Fragrance : Nil
FI-N-ODOR 100 S - 7118
Highly concentrated - Water soluble. Fragrance : Nil
FI-N-ODOR 20 S - 7119
Concentrated - Water soluble - Fragrance : Nil
Super concentrate - Dilute with water from 1:50 to 1:500 - A heavy-duty room deodorant with a heavy, long-lasting fragrance. For use in deodorizing the air and surfaces in public places with heavy traffic and odor problems, such as restrooms, movie theaters, lounges, motels, etc. Can be used to spray all air filters, heating and cooling ducts, carpets, drapes. Effective deodorizing whole areas. Odors=Lemon, Eucalyptus, Pine. Other fragrances on request.
 FISOLVE 82 - 4149
O-diclorobenzene based odor neutralizer and grease solubilizer. For use in drains.
 GRANODOR - 4261
Deodorant granules, absorbent and odor suppressant. Bulky granular mix with a very pleasant fragrance. Ideal in homes, hospitals, auditoriums, public rooms, car ash-tray, etc. Fragrances as requested.
Pleasantly scented fragrances that refreshes the air and helps eliminate musty odors. In glass container with pump actuator. Odors=Mint, Fresh, Anthos, Frutty, Floral, vanilla.
  FIDEODOR - 3104
Odor control treatment and emulsifying agent for sewage and garbage grease. Dissolves and emulsifies grease & slime. Masks objectionable odors. Solvent action prevents resolidification of greases. Highly concentrated for maximum economy. This powerful and efficient agent is designed to liquefy sewage and garbage grease, open leaching beds, clear drain lines, cesspools, grease traps and septic tanks. As well as the solvent activity, this concentrated emulsifier provides a powerful odor masking agent for use in eliminating malodors in garbage dumps, trash cans and bins, dumpsters, landfill sites, and sewage treatment facilities. FIDEODOR is safe on metal but can attak some plastics and rubber when used in full strength. Safe for septic tanks. Fragrance: Aromatic Solvent. Flash point=>65°c (Difficult to ignite).
 FISOLVE 701 R - 3422
ODOR MASKING AGENT - Water soluble - A concentrated citrus scented masking agent that will effectively and thoroughly check foul odors with excellent solvent emulsifying properties. To be used in rendering plants, for industrial waste, garbage disposal areas, kennels, stables, septic tanks and on dead animals. In addition to excellent odor control properties, this product is also designed to liquefy sewage, greases and oil. The product is so versatile that it may be applied by a number of methods and may be used for malodors from industrial, agricultural, and institutional wastes. Fragrance: Citrus/orange.

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