FIFLUO - 4667
 FLUORESCENT PAINT - Provides high visibility, four times the amount of brightness than normal paint for optimum brilliance and durability. Attract attention for advertising or warnings. Colors : Yellow, Orange - Colors on request : White, Blue,
 FITEK VAC 1 - 3154
CLEAR ACRYLIC INSULATED VARNISH - Quick drying - Protects against moisture and corrosion - Forms a protective barrier that seals against dirt and grime - Air dries to hard glossy, flexible, providing excellent strength. - Highly effective in resisting oil, acid, alkalis and chemicals. - Use for heavy duty applications, electrical windings, surface exposed to extreme corrosion conditions, battery terminals, printed circuit, chromes, copper, etc... 
APPLICATIONS: Recommended as a coating for end windings of motors, field coils, exposed metal parts, bus bars, collector rings, phenolic and porcelain molded parts. Commutator ends, armatures, transformers, switchboard parts. Sealing electrical and electronic components, new or old stator windings, end shields. Color : Colorless

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