WINDSHIELD WASHER SOLVENT A concentrated window washing solvent and deicer. In winter time, use as a deicer. In summertime use as a windshield cleaner. Helps clean off road film, oil, bugs, dirt. Will not streak, harm most plastic, paint, metal or rubber. Defrosts and prevents re-icing, cleans dirt, dust and grime, improves visibility and safety. This product is formulated with special de-icing compounds to prevent freezing of windshield washer units and windshield wipers.
This instant action aerosol windshield deicer has fantastic penetrating action to remove all ice formation. Conveniently melts ice and frost from: * Windshields * Icy Steps * Door Locks * Outdoor Equipment *Refrigerator Units * Headlights Wherever fast removal of ice is necessary. Will not harm automobile finishes or freezer compartments. Does not leave a residue on windshields or headlights - actually improves visibility. When used regularly, FIDEGIVRE helps prevent ice and frost from forming. Automotive, Buses, Trucks and Car Fleets. All areas where ice or frost formation is a problem.
 FIMIST - 3381
Anti-Fog Mist. Eliminates moisture buildup on: . glass . mirrors .plastics . metals . safety lenses. Removes soil from surfaces while it imparts a unique condensation barrier that lasts long after application
A glycol ether/Isopropanol type window cleaner. No streaking or spotting when properly applied. Removes bugs, lipstick, grease, oil, etc. Very fast drying. Will not fingerprint. Cleans glass, mirrors, chrome, and appliances. Removes dust, dirt, smoke and film. This product is more than just a glass and mirror cleaner, it cleans and polishes automotive windshields and windows, chrome trim, cleans and brightens enameled surfaces such as appliances and office furniture, removes film from porcelain, formica, and is safe on most painted or lacquered surfaces.
Practical source of pressurized inert gaz at 8 bars of pressure - Eliminates humming noise in electronic circuits caused by dust and dirt and foreign particles. For removing dust, lint and other dry foreign matter from slides, camera and microscope lens, electronic equipment, printers, computer keyboards, timing devices and any other delicate instruments where dust can cause a problem.
FIPRESS'AIR can be used as a freezer by turning the can upside down when using. - Instantly freezes small parts in electronic circuits to - 40°C. - Excellent for electronic troubleshooting. - Aids in locating defective electrical parts or connections. - Isolates components in electronic equipment to and in locating intermittence due to heat induced failure. - Ideal as localized heat depressant- Quick freezes and embrittles chewing gum, candle wax, acrylic latex paint splatters and other materials for easy removal from all hard surfaces as well as from carpeting, upholstery, fabrics, tables, chairs, floors and other nonporous surfaces. Just spray FIPRESS'AIR on the imbedded gum or wax, wait a second or two until the gum becomes brittle, and simply pick it up from the carpet!
A REQUIRED PRODUCT FOR: All types of switches, bad capacitors, transistors, oxidized joints and junctions, communications equipment, Machinery assembly lines, aircraft precision tooling, computers, communication instruments, hospitals, laboratories and clinics, Schools, Hotels, Showrooms, Motels, Offices and Department Stores. Non-flammable. - Leaves no residue. - completely evaporates - no cleaning needed. The extension tube provides a precise directional spray for difficult to get at areas.
 FIMOQ'STAT - 3521
ANTI-STATIC - Prevents shocks due to static electric charges. - Eliminates static electricity generated by friction or atmospheric conditions on clothing, rugs, drapes, paper, upholstery, machinery and equipment in areas where combustibles are used. Will not stain fabrics FIMOQ'STAT is non oily and non greasy, dries instantly. Reduces dust attraction. APPLICATIONS: Printing presses, sheet cutters, slitters, rewinders, most plastics, paper machines, packing mechanisms, production feeders, leather, some rubber, glass, metals, paper, cellophane, cloth, wool, cotton, nylon, acrylic, and other synthetic fibers.
REQUIRED BY: hotels, hospitals, offices, churches, thread mills, hosiery mills, garment manufacturers, printing presses, bindery equipment, department stores, paper mills, general industry.
 FISTICK - 4310
STOPS BELT SLIPPING AND POWER LOSS. - Prevents belt overheating and premature failure. - Reduces squealing and belt noise. - Improves machine operation and efficiency. - Keeps all belt-driven equipment at peak operating efficiency. - Increases pulling power up to 50%. - Performs effectively in wet, outdoor conditions. Adds more power, eases strain on bearings, bushings, and stops squealing. This product works particularly well on rubber, leather, canvas, or fabric belts, flat, round or "V" belts, auto fan belts, farm machinery belting, all industrial belt drives.. An excellent product for any garage or maintenance shop.
WELDERS ANTI-SPATTER - The most widely used anti-spatter liquid for all types of welding. - - Does not contain silicone. - Effectively releases weld spatter so that grinding will not be necessary. Designed for the prevention of spatter build-up. - Effective for all types of welding, especially Mig and Tig tips. - Surface may be painted after use with only a minimal wiping or protected with FITEK protective coatings. - If a top coating or finish is to be applied, a mild soap and water flush will suffice for good paint adhesion. APPLICATIONS: Use on all forms of welding and torch cutting where weld spatter is a problem. - Mig nozzles, contact tips, weldments, electrode holders, fixtures, resistance welding tips and wheels.
 FIFUITE - 4059
A bubble fluid used for detecting leaks in the air or gas pressurized containers and pipes. Leaks areas are easily located.
 FITEK PF - 3109
PEELABLE COATING - FITEK PF peelable coating makes cleaning amazingly easy. FITEK PF can be easily and quickly applied to mask spray paint equipment and spray booths. Simply spray FITEK PF on the surfaces you want to protect . FITEK PF is a colorless plastic material that, when dry, forms a strong, tough protective film. Paint build-up on machines or spray booths is quickly and easily removed by simply pulling the high tensile strength FITEK PF coating.
 FIMOUSS'NET + - 3392
FOAMING DETERGENT - A blend of heavy duty detergents and cleaning agents formulated into an aerosol to apply as a foam to any water washable surface. This ideal ready-to-use small area cleaner for thermoplastics, formica, chrome, appliances, vinyl, leather, stainless steel and enamel surfaces, woodwork, file, metal, and painted surfaces, removes accumulated grease, grime and other soils without leaving a dulling film. Contains no ammonia to ensure it is entirely safe for use on plexiglass and plastic surfaces. Non-flammable.

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